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Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by stumpsout on 2011-12-19 21:56:08.9500

It's a joyous relief upon hearing the news of this today.

I have been assured that this replacement will be thoroughly checked for any of the issues my previous guitar had.

It seems that there are replacement necks that will be made available in some cases. But I also had a severe mechanical buzz in the piezo bridge.

Thanks to all who supported my efforts to have this corrected.

Please perservere if you are needing something made right on your guitar. These guitars are worth it, and Line 6 is trying. I did not enjoy the lengthy process very much, but please be encouraged by the ending of this story.

Very best to everyone!

Re: Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-12-20 05:45:31.2520

That is excellent news    I hope that the replacement fully lives up to your initial expectations.  



Re: Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by donfrantz on 2011-12-20 07:05:37.0410

Far out! I'd been hoping for this...don

Re: Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by stumpsout on 2011-12-20 19:53:17.2830

Yeah, thanks for your help both you guys, what a journey! It is being sent today from the east to me in the west.

It's like waiting for Santa

Re: Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by stumpsout on 2011-12-22 13:29:10.1400

Got a call that they shipped it overnight, went to get it today. Wife and friends were laughing at me being so excited that it came in time for Christmas afterall!

Very cool and helpful store guy opens the box, i knew from one look it was no different, hadn't been checked, and couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I played it, showed the guy how it was no different than what i had, showed him my e-mails of everything, he measured with the digital caliper and it showed that this one was actually WORSE off...opened the back, cable ties still on the tremolo....picked up a strat, did a bunch of pull-offs with no problem...showed how the JTV's can't even do an open D chord first string pull-off without clinking and falling off the neck.

Was a very disappointing experience. Wasted more time for nothing.

Re: Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by stumpsout on 2011-12-22 16:52:24.9220

I should add that the complicating factor at this point is that I am in Canada. Line 6 has done what they can to tell the Canadian dealer SF Marketing to replace the guitar. I am feeling awkward in this situation being the time of year it is and am trying not to be a Scrooge grouch or sound ungrateful about a fancy new guitar.

I've got a giant headache and am starting to think i need to walk away from this.

Line 6 is trying to deal with the dealer because it is not that easy to just send them the guitar because of this. But the guitar bridge has a mechanical buzz, and the neck is off spec from oversanding, and the frets are overbevelled. It doesn't cut it, and replacement parts won't be a solution.

A replacement guitar won't either, because there are other flawed ones in boxes. I was as thorough as i could be about being sure the issues were personally checked specifically, and was assured it would be and that it would be "perfect" (the word SF used) and checked by their luthiers.

I'm really not expecting much now about this. Just some Tylenol will do.

Thanks to everybody that has been doing their best to be helpful about this. Hopefully some future date I will get one of the good ones, I think I should pack it in for now because it's starting to be too much for me to handle. i gotta think of the others in my life having a happy Christmas and not just be miserable and give them a present with a long face.

Re: Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by spaceatl on 2011-12-22 17:49:36.4110

Dang stumps...what a bummer. I had all my fingers crossed that this one would be the right one bro...

Re: Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by stumpsout on 2011-12-22 18:12:22.3030

thanks space... I tried my best to prevent the possibility of this happening and got full confirmation it wouldn't stone left unturned. I can't control other people though. Thanks for your help man, really did help...BTW I'm missing that DT50 already, might have to reconsider getting her back.

Re: Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by donfrantz on 2011-12-22 19:32:15.1470

Unbelievable what you've been through--I guess it's one of those times where you really gotta admit stuff is just stuff--and not the most important thing in life, but I feel really bad for you. I still hope Rich fixes this.

Re: Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by stumpsout on 2011-12-22 23:11:44.9670

Thanks, Don. It was unbelievable a long time ago..I really thought I was in the clear when I started this thread...that'll teach me to count my chickens before they're hatched...

If it wasn't for the border, this guitar would have been sent back to the Line 6 guys and made right just like stevekc's. I believe there may be a whole bunch of similiar serial numbers in the Canadian warehouse that will have many of these same issues....I seem to have hit the very ones stevekc had on his....and the three other JTV-69's I tried all had the same issue regarding the frets at very least.

But now there's a new hassle getting in the way, via the Canadian dealer that doesn't seem up on the situation not to mention the solution, or the execution of specific clear simple instructions that i wrote to ask about making it through their company... but Rich has done what he can already and it helped get the go ahead, and I'm thankful for that.

Sure seems complicated, and it's about time someone realised that there are some of these in boxes but no one knows which i tried telling the guys at the store months ago when I first heard and saw posts about them...and got mine. I just know that a Black 69 is what will suit my needs in a way none of the others will...or I'd be out of this wild goose chase long ago and got something else.

Re: Confirmed - stumpsout now awaiting replacement JTV-69
by fatjac on 2011-12-28 08:18:26.6570

I've been following your posts with great interest.

A while back I posted along similar lines and I note that not a thing has changed.

I first ordered my JTV69 way back in July of 2009. I can't remember exactly but I think I got the first one around February 2010. When trying to pull from the first string it broke twice. It went back for repair and was deemed not suitable to send back. I waited for another. Maybe three or four months later I got it. It was the same with additional problems such as the electronics not retuning the strings. It went back also never to be seen again. A third arrived for me late in the summer of 2011. I took it home and the electronics gave up by the evening. A fourth was quickly found for me by the dealer.

I have just received that FOURTH JTV69 back from repair. Out of of SIX problems that it went back for only ONE was fixed. The model selector was replaced as it had comletely failed. Everything else is as it went back for.

Like you I was promised a VERY GOOD replacement each time and every time I was just sent another unchecked box of crap.

In all of the time since this guitar revolutionary guitar has been promised, delivered, complained about by the masses Line 6 appear to have done NOTHING at all to listen to their customers. The necks are still poor. The electronics are failing regularly etc.

As I said I ordered this first in July 2009. I have not yet had one long enough to play with and get to grips with. Could I ever envisage using one in a band situation? For a gig? You must be joking! When I finally get a working one it will probably never be used in anger. How could I ever rely on such a guitar with such a poor track record.

No enough is enough. Time to seek out alternatives...

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