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Pod xt pro reamping with another amp
by leila_kirkham on 2011-12-21 19:13:54.9700

Hello, i have recorded some dry unprocessed guitar, and i want to reamp it, but i want to reamp using a tone on a bugera head.

I only really know how to reamp using tones on the pod xt pro its self, so i dont know if this is even possible, but thought i'd ask.

Im really using the pod xt pro as a sound card, and so i will just have it on clean.

The thing is, i have already recorded the guitar, so i dont want to re-record it all, so im just stuck on how to get the dry guitar audio reamped, so i want it to go: Dry guitar recorded on cubase - through the pod xt pro - through the bugera amp with the tone i want to reamp with - through the pod xt pro reamped - to my computer.

I hope that makes sense!

Re: Pod xt pro reamping with another amp
by Line6Tony on 2011-12-28 11:09:17.8250

This video should help:

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