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Bass Pod XT Live Volume WAH Pedal
by Totalroadrunner on 2011-12-22 14:45:42.5710

I just got a used Bass Pod XT Live system.  I want to know if there is something that should be attached to the Volume/Wah pedal that assists the switches between Volume or Wah functuons.  Since it is new to me I may just need to really read the online manual.  I just updated the Flash Memory and the last question it asks is to move the Volume Wah pedeal until the RED LED comes on for Wah and mine doesn't. 

So is the somethine that should be attached to the toe end of the pedal that switches the base plate contact?



Re: Bass Pod XT Live Volume WAH Pedal
by wrk2321 on 2012-12-11 04:24:29.6570

I also bought a used xt live and have the same question. Looks like there has been no answer in a years time so I guess nobody has an answer.

Re: Bass Pod XT Live Volume WAH Pedal
by jsimmonz on 2013-02-15 19:32:36.7560

Maybe you figured it out by now. You push the volume all the way up and then push it hard at the top to get it into wha mode. You have to push hard. Same thing to get it back to volume mode.

I hope that was what you were asking.

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