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No sound, good sound, dodgy sound - Selector Knob problem? 600
by DocStevens on 2011-12-22 19:09:39.1480

I just bought this 600 used at Guitar Center and it is still under 30 day return policy after that, the warranty I purchased kicks in - which means a repair. Here is the problem. When I first plug it in, sometimes I get no sound. Or, it might have sound at low volume. If I jiggle the Selector knob, usually I can get sound. For a minute or two. Or for a few seconds. If I continue to jiggle it, I can find its "sweet spot" and it will stay working, most of the time.

The volume and tone knobs seem tight. The selector knob has a little bit of play in it. Just a little. I have not taken off the pick guard to see if it is something I can tighten. I am pretty good at guitar repairs, but this is under retuen/repair warranty and also I am not familiar with what is on the other side of that pick guard. Just a nut that I can tighten, like on a traditional pot?

Here are the questions: Any one else have this problem and a solution?

Since all they would do for the first 30 days is five my money back, and I would rather have the guitar than my money, is it better to wait until after the 30 days and then take it in for warranty?

Any other ideas?

Other than this, the guitar is in excellent shape and seems to have been not played at all, hardly. So, my first choice is to keep it.


Re: No sound, good sound, dodgy sound - Selector Knob problem? 600
by amx05462 on 2011-12-22 21:55:12.1330

well doc   heres  the deal...    there  probably not gonna  fix it either  way  because its a used  instrument..

ok   youcnat  get that part unless you go to l6  or one of there repair  facilitys..

what i would  do is  remove the  pick guard..  when you do that  youll see a metal case   inthere  are the   boards  etc..   the  selector  switch is an open switch   the shaft  is   spring  loaded   for the   save  function .  so its  not gonna tighten up..

  get some  non lubricant  contact  cleaner..  deoxit is the best but   any  good  name  will do  and  spray the guts  of the switch . work the switch    around a few  timwe  then repeat this  process.. the  blow it all off  with    a can   of  that computer   dust   off  stuff.  re assemble.. the  switch is a rotary switch and   since that old guitar looks  so goo  to you  it probably wasnt  used  much  and   the contact points    have   either  corroded  witth time  as they tend to do from non use.. most likely this will solve your  problem..

Re: No sound, good sound, dodgy sound - Selector Knob problem? 600
by DocStevens on 2011-12-24 20:08:38.7470

Thanks, I'll give it a shot. You're right as to the guitar seems to have barely been played at all; maple fingerboard neck is still shiny and there's no fret wear or any indication that it's been played - no pick scratches, etc. That's why I want to fix it and keep it of posible.

The problem seems to be during the first 3- 5 minutes, cutting in and out, low volume and then very loud. But then it goes away after messing with it - until the next time I start to play it.

I called Guitar Center and I can return it to any GC for full refund - which is not my preference (I got a real good price on it) and I did get the one year warranty on it, which should cover it if anything needs replaced.

My preference is to try what you suggested, thanks. I'll pick up some contact cleaner on Monday and give it a shot. So I am guessing that this is basically like a pot that has been setting. I hope it's that simple.

Thank you very much much. I'll post the results.

Re: No sound, good sound, dodgy sound - Selector Knob problem? 600
by DocStevens on 2011-12-27 13:12:08.7730

I bought contact cleaner at Radio Shack, and being in a hopeful state, I did not take the pick guard off, but used the red straw to spray it in liberally at the base of the selector knob, and then turned the knob back and forth several times. I repeated this three times and then plugged it in, and got full clean sound immediately. Apparently it did the trick!

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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