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Something going on with my username
by litesnsirens on 2011-12-25 10:37:15.9010

Hi all, if you know me by my usename "litesnsirens" you may not have seen me post for awhile.  That's because now whenever I log in with my username, it doesn't show my username it shows my actual name, Kevin Neill.  My username is my sign in name and I haven't changed anything in my profile, so I don't know why this is happening.  I just think it might cause some confusion as if I want to add something to a thread that I have already contributed to, I'm the only guy that knows I'm the same person.  If anyone can think of something I can check in my profile or something that would cause this strange behaviour please let me know, otherwise I will contact customer support.

Re: Something going on with my username
by phil_m on 2011-12-25 10:43:28.3730

When the forum software was recently updated, it changed it so that the name you see on the forum is your own real name. Everyone else sees your username. The only way your real name will be visible to others if you use the quote feature when replying to a thread and decide to quote yourself for some reason. Other than that, your real name won't be revealed. I still see your name as litesnsirens.

Re: Something going on with my username
by litesnsirens on 2012-01-11 05:12:27.1810

Thanks Phil !!!

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