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Home screen flipping back to signal chain
by metalbolic on 2011-12-27 12:32:07.9570

I just noticed that my POD X3 flips rapidly between the home screen on the unit to the DELAY patch/pedal in my signal change; acting almost as if its "possessed" some of the levels on the settings knobs flicker to various levels?!!! This all is happening on it's own; is not normal, and very disruptive to my settings! Sometimes when i try to access other effects inside Gear Box, such as clicking the Stomp Box, it quickly returns to the DELAY effect? This goes for attempting to access all the other effects/settings.... I reinstalled the firmware which seemed to help but the problem has returned, and requires a manual reset everytime? Any ideas to resolve?

Re: Home screen flipping back to signal chain
by Line6Hugo on 2011-12-30 15:03:19.8530

From what you describe, there must be a hardware problem with your POD if re-installing the flash memory on the device is not fixing the problem.  It would need to be taken to an authorized service center:">">



Re: Home screen flipping back to signal chain
by metalbolic on 2012-01-13 14:24:01.9930

Is there any way that i can aquire the old firmware and flash? In a sense return it to its state in which i re ieved the unit and start from scratch? This flipping through screens thing has happened since i puchased it. Being that i did everything through gearbox i never paid much attention to the unit cycling through patch screens. Thought maybe that is what the unit does when "idle". If i hit the home screen it should remain there until i push another button correct?

Re: Home screen flipping back to signal chain
by metalbolic on 2012-02-16 13:29:46.2240

Resolved said issue...figure I would share for others that may find or encounter  same issue. By simply turning the unit off & setting all the knobs to ZERO and powering the device back on fixed the issue! If you use GearBox anyhow there is no reason to have the dials at any settings or levels anyhow IMO. This suggestion should be offered by the phone techs btw as i prob would have sent the unit off. For repair!

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