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Linking HD500 into Flextone III confusion
by wjoyce on 2011-12-27 13:14:40.7810


I'm struggling with how best to setup the HD500 for going into the FX return of my Flextone III.  I don't wish to use any of the Flextone amps or effects - I prefer to use the HD for everything.

I don't know how best to put this but as the Flextone, in its traditional sense, does amp AND cabinet modelling and that the speaker is tuned to present an authentic representation of that, should I use the cabinet models on the HD500?  I know that by going into the FX return I'm bypassing all the Flextone's fanciness and just using the power amp, but is the Flextone cabinet a decent-enough sounding cabinet in it's own right to be able to abandon all cab modelling?

Also, would it be best to use the PRE models, or the standard models that include the power amp modelling?  I feel that by using the Flextone I'm complicating matters because the speaker is tuned to the Flextone "head" and is not the same as other guitar cabinets, or am I just thinking too much about it?

Much confused.  Please help


Re: Linking HD500 into Flextone III confusion
by Line6david on 2012-01-03 14:10:25.3320


First off, your connection is correct. HD500 L/Mono out to the the FX return of the Flextone. The 'best way" to utilize the HD500's modeling is pretty subjective in this instance. The Flextone's speakers are rather flat in comparison to most other guitar speakers. Therefore, it should sound fine to keep the cab/mic modeling on. However the correct answer is to try both and see which one sounds better to your ears. i suggest trying the cab modeling on and off and deciding which one sounds best.



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