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Volume Drop Problem
by m_arons on 2011-12-27 17:57:21.6930


I have a Flextone iii XL (2x12). I bought this amp from in 2007. Recently, I have noticed that the amp's volume drops in half after a couple minutes of playing. I took this amp to a line 6 "service center". This so-called "service center" was really just some guy's house who had a bunch of junk in his garage. The guy took my amp to pieces, hook up a bunch of voltmeters, and then pretty much said he had no idea what to do. He recommended replacing the motherboard. I'm pretty upset at both line 6's product quality and customer service. Their "service centers" are a joke. How can you just let some dude in a garage qualify as a professional technician? I swear he did not have a degree or certification. I'm pretty sure that my amp is toast. Thanks line 6! I will never be buying your products ever again.

Re: Volume Drop Problem
by michaedr on 2011-12-29 06:07:56.8960

I had what sounds to be a similar issue a couple of a months ago.  Check out this thread:

Hopefully, this helps you out. 

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