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Hidden "feature" of HD500 Edit
by mdmayfield on 2011-12-28 17:44:39.3570

I noticed something very confusing about HD500 Edit that I couldn't find was written about anyplace. Before I figured this out, it was extremely maddening, but after figuring out the details, I find it useful.

In the MIDI Assign pane of the Controllers tab, you can mouse-over and use the scroll wheel to adjust knobs or fields, OR click a knob or field and press the Up or Down arrow keys. This behavior changes depending on whether you click/mouseover the Footswitch graphical KNOB, or click/mouseover the TEXT FIELD next to the knob.

--> If you use the knob itself, changing the value just moves between the settings of various footswitches (you'll see the other options bouncing around).

--> If you use the text field, changing the value *copies* the currently displayed settings to the other footswitches you scroll through.

I hope this is useful for everybody.

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