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HD PRO + 4 Expression Pedals?!
by SignaturePre on 2011-12-29 11:41:47.7810

Hi Every Pod HD Users!

The only thing stoping me from calling the POD HD PRO a Fractal killer is if it is possible to run up to 4 Expression pedals as I`m using a Liquid Foot Pro that is offering conection of 4 independent expression pedals.

Anyone who know if Line6 is working on such add to the Firmware 1.4?

Best Regards


Re: HD PRO + 4 Expression Pedals?!
by phil_m on 2011-12-29 14:04:44.8060

I doubt there would ever be any movement in that direction, as the most any Line 6 controller can support is two. It would require quite a bit of re-writing to add that in. While not technically impossible, I suppose, I just don't see it being something Line 6 would want to invest the time into changing. Really, who uses 4 expression pedals?

Re: HD PRO + 4 Expression Pedals?!
by SignaturePre on 2011-12-30 11:32:27.2890

Hi phil_m

I used to have an Axe-fx Ultra with 4 expression pedals in my rig. I replaced the Ultra with the HD Pro because I missed the Ecoplex and Dynamic Delay (TC2290) from older Line6 products that I`ve owed in the past. This is how I used those 4 expression pedals with the Ultra:

1)Pan L/R

2)Volume pedal

3)Changing feedback for the delay

4)Changing the mix of reverb (10% to 60%)

I`m only using the HD Pro as an fx unit as I run a pair of Egnater heads + 6 stomp boxes hooked up with a RG-16. Guess I need to go back to Fractal and pick up the Axe-fx II..........

Why not use some Line6 energy to give the oportunities to the people out there for less money than the Fractal company?

Best Regards

Re: HD PRO + 4 Expression Pedals?!
by jimsreynolds on 2011-12-30 11:46:37.1280

Easy.   Buy two POD HDs.  Still probably works out cheaper than the Axe  and you get to sidestep DSP limits

Re: HD PRO + 4 Expression Pedals?!
by gunpointmetal on 2011-12-30 12:27:27.9830

Are you really using all four of those options at all times? I'd like to hear how that works.

Re: HD PRO + 4 Expression Pedals?!
by spikey on 2011-12-31 14:27:45.8730

who uses 4?

Well, theres Volume, Wah, and that leaves two more. The ability to go gradually from clean to distorted I have used many times. The ability to go from a slow univibe to faster I have needed. The rotor speeds from the leslies to go faster or slower is a plus. Tremolo speeds? I would think that there are "many" uses for more than just two pedals. Who would use 4 expression pedals? I might... ; )

Re: HD PRO + 4 Expression Pedals?!
by spikey on 2011-12-31 14:31:12.0530

No...,  you wouldnt use all 4 at all times gun. Thats why they are called options.... ; )

But to never have these options available means you and I would NEVER use them. Money dictates everything of course, but that aside which is better- No options or many???

Re: HD PRO + 4 Expression Pedals?!
by SignaturePre on 2012-01-06 02:36:52.7770


So you write; if the ability is there in the box you might try out the opportunities available to get to another level what consern about guitar fx units and usability for such gear!!!

There are so many cool things to do with the option of 4 expression pedals. I hope Line6 listen to us and make thant happen, as they will garanteed sell more Pro models (pod pro/ xt pro/ x3 pro) than ever!!! The HD Pro might become the industry standard when it comes to guitar fx units for all that I know.



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