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JTV Variax Graphtech piezo change
by Wallly on 2011-12-29 18:04:51.4390

Has any body out there changed there piezo's, to the "Graphtech" piezo's on there JTV?

I understand that the Graphtech's are really good sounding and made a big diference on the older Variax's.

I have a USA JTV 89....One of the piezo's is intermitten at times, so I am going to have it replaced.....

I thought while I am at it, perhaps I should get a set and change them all out. This may involve a bridge replacement as well though.

Any coments or thoughts


Re: JTV Variax Graphtech piezo change
by silverhead on 2011-12-29 19:47:41.8290

I haven't heard yet of anyone doing this with a JTV. I expect it can be done easily enough but there are two things to be careful of based on my experience doing this with a Variax 300:

- make sure the Graphtech model you purchase is the appropriate size/width so that all 6 piezos/saddles will physically fit in the JTV bridge.

- make sure you understand the internal wiring sufficiently to know where/how to properly ground the set of Graphtech piezos - they have ground wires that the LR Baggs did not have (again, the Variax 300 model).

Re: JTV Variax Graphtech piezo change
by ur2funky on 2011-12-30 06:33:00.3210

They offer Ghost pickups to match a lot of bridges, but I don't know if the 89 is one of them.

There is someone who has posted reviews of the Tyler Variax on some of the big chain stores sites stating that they changed them out for the Graphtech Ghost pickups as part of a transplant.  "They have a clearer tone that you can't achieve otherwise.  (Graph Tech pickups:  blue is the positive wire)  "

They go on to state that you have to adjust/lower the output in Workbench because they will overload the input and distort if you don't.

The circuit board under the bridge of the JTV-89 has positive and negative solder contacts for each string, even though the Baggs doesn't require them.  So the contacts (grounds for the blue wires) are there if you need them.

I would guess this might be where your problem is, these solder contacts.  You would first have to pull out the push-in connector from the pickups on the main cuircut board in the back of the guitar to allow the bridge and the small cuircut board hidden under it to be removed from the front of the guitar.  There is a little silicon covering each pickup wire on this small circuit board from under the bridge.  Remove the silicon from the contact corresponding to the string that is intermitten, resolder the connection, dab on fresh silicon and try it.

Re: JTV Variax Graphtech piezo change
by Wallly on 2011-12-30 14:20:05.1990

Thank You soooooo much for the responce and so quickly. I have a great guitar tech whom does all my guitar work for me....I would mention his name and where he works out of....but I think that 's against the posting rules here....

I would have him do it. He is looking into this as I sent him some close up pics of my bridge.last night. This is a USA Custom shop JTV 89.....This was one of the first ones for the bridge may be a bit different. If any body can do this my tech can. Where he works out of is a Line 6 warranty service station, so he knows the in's and outs.

Again thank you sooooo much for the info...When I find out the final on this, I will post so others can have the info.


Re: JTV Variax Graphtech piezo change
by toasterdude on 2012-01-03 14:36:34.7580

Can you PM me your techs info? I am doing some xplants and may need a line 6 expert as well as the luthiers I am working with as I want to have 2 pick up selectors etc. I assume you are at the Harrahs in vegas? Never a problem finding an excuse to head to vegas. Was there mid december for the opening of skynyrds new BBQ restaurant in Excalibur.

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