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Been looking for YEARS for an answer to this question (HD Pro on MAC)!
by richardlundmark on 2011-12-30 04:07:42.9460

Hey guys!

So, long story short'ish...

Back in 2003/04 I switched to MAC, and since then I have never been able to get a "full duplex" thing going

like I was on any crappy PC. ANd these days I'm REALLY urgently looking for a device that can do the following

(Have tried Eleven Rack, Axe-FX, ANY number of sound cards, and am now hoping for the HD PRO):

1.) I want the device to be able to route mic (+48V) signal parallell with guitar signal into separate recording tracks

in my DAW (Logic), recording my voice and guitar at the same time (for live and recording video lessons).

2.) I REALLY need the device to be able to put of the DAW output as "What you hear" coming out of the Outs to the monitors.

THat is, IF I choose the HD Pro as my soundcard in my Mac, and open SKYPE (or any other chat program), I want the

person on the other end to hear my guitar+mic signal AND my DAW at the same time (which has worked even back int the 90's with any crappy soundblaster card). for some reason this seems impossible to achieve with a Mac. I've tried things like SOundFlower to route, but have NEVER

been able to get anythign to work as above, in several years, even with other line6 devices such as the Toneport's (and then I only wanted the

guitar signal AND iTunes sound to route into online chat program for online jamming).

If ANYONE at line 6 can answer these questions, so that I do not have to spend another couple of years cursing, I would be

eternally greatful! I'm at a point now where my video lesson material for US, Japan and Europe is also being combined with live lessons around the world

on SKype and such, and really need something to WORK for once!



Re: Been looking for YEARS for an answer to this question (HD Pro on MAC)!
by TheRealZap on 2011-12-30 05:05:36.4570

#1 you can do no problem, you just need to configure the paths properly and record the paths in mono, rather than the stereo default.

#2 no professional audio interface will do "what you hear" because they use ASIO or coreaudio... this requires a discrete input/output path to control latency and quality....

if you are playing along with a backing track etc... easy enough to just put the backing track into you DAW.

this will give you the benefit of adjusting the levels later, rather than on the fly....

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