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Mobile In needs upgrade to program(bluetooth)
by Lloyd on 2011-12-30 13:22:12.0320

I recently purchased a Mobile In.I  noticed your app on my iphone will not connect to my bluetooth.All my other apps prompt me but not Line6.I talked to Apple about this and was told to contact line6.This looks like a programming issue. Could you please look into this.I tried contacting Tech support by phone but after 20 plus minutes of long distance charges I hung up.Update to this app would allow me to use my logitech wireless speakers.This would definately be a great improvement.

Re: Mobile In needs upgrade to program(bluetooth)
by gChrisG on 2012-01-05 16:47:43.9430

Thank you for the feature request.  Do you find the latency of your other apps while playing over Bluetooth to be problematic for playing?  Without Bluetooth, Mobile POD has very low latency so we are somewhat concerned that users may find Bluetooth latency to be a poor playing experience.

Re: Mobile In needs upgrade to program(bluetooth)
by mbenigni on 2012-01-06 05:58:14.8000

Based on what I've read concerning other applications, Bluetooth latency varies depending on implementation in software (i.e. on a per-application basis.)  I'll second the request for Bluetooth support, and obviously minimizing latency would be best.

Headphone cables and guitars are always a clumsy, distracting combination.

Re: Mobile In needs upgrade to program(bluetooth)
by pkopco on 2012-01-14 13:57:38.6570

Bluetooth transmitter dongles are available on eBay for around $18-$20, which can be attached to the headphone jack on the iDevice and transmit stereo audio to any bluetooth receiving device, bypassing the internal iDevice bluetooth setup.

Re: Mobile In needs upgrade to program(bluetooth)
by Gerrees on 2012-07-11 06:50:42.4950

I just bought the mobile in and must say I am extremely irritated and frustrated with this situation.

I use wireless Bluetooth speakers & headphones with my iPad but neither will work with this app.

There is no mention of this on your product description, in the app store, in the product manual or even in the app itself.

It was only after purchasing this device and testing it out that I discovered it is incapable of this task.

Needless to say I am seriously considering getting a refund on this item.

In terms of latency, I haven't noticed any issues with my other apps using my Bluetooth speakers, you could at least give people the option of using Bluetooth, even if it is a sub optimal choice.

(As someone stated before, guitar & cabled headphones do not mix well.)

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