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Bug in HD500 when using External Expression Pedal?
by digiprod on 2011-12-30 15:04:33.0700

OK, I have been at this issue for a few hours now, so I know I am not crazy.

I have a JTV-59 connected via VDI to HD500 connected to DT25 via Line 6 Link. I have a Mission Engineering EP1-L6 pedal connected to HD500 with a 3 foot 1/4 inch Live Wire cable (quality cable). Firmware 1.4 on HD500 and I am using HD Edit 1.06. Latest firmware on JTV.

What I am seeing is the expression pedal assignments changing on their own from patch to patch. I have the on-board expression pedal assigned as a wah (expression 1) and the External Mission pedal assigned as a volume pedal (expression 2). I set up the patch and have it working, when I switch patces and come back to the patch the expression pedals often swtch assignments making the wah and volume control swap pedals making this quite frustrating and useless. A few times I saw the Volume pedal seem like it is working, but no volume changes.

IF I pull the 1/4 cable connected to the Mission Pedal out of the HD500 and re-insert it, it fixes the problem until I leave the patch and come back!!!

No mattrer how many times I save this preset, reboot the HD500, restart HD Edit, etc the problem returns. If I reverse the assignments for the pedals, it does not fix the problem.

Why is there not a global setting for expression pedal assignments that stays put?

When I was using ONE pedal (the internal one) to switch between wah and volume with toe button it worked better. BUT I need two pedals, so I bought what was claimed to be the best external pedal for HD500. Bad enough the Mission cable has no toe switch so I made it the volume control instead.

Anyone see this problem or have a fix?

Re: Bug in HD500 when using External Expression Pedal?
by ReverendLove on 2011-12-30 15:50:59.1640

Looks like I am not alone.">">

Re: Bug in HD500 when using External Expression Pedal?
by digiprod on 2011-12-30 16:02:03.1330

No I guess we are in this one together.

It seems like the HD500 somehow losses the detection of the external pedal when changing patches. Totally annoying and if this is how it is going to work, I wasted money on a Mission pedal as it is useless this way with two pedals. I was better off using ONLY the on- board pedal.

The way I see it, this issue is quite easy to replicate.

Re: Bug in HD500 when using External Expression Pedal?
by Line6Don on 2012-01-05 16:50:36.5890

I posted this in response to ReverendLove's orginal post that he link you to above:

I tested this using ReverendLove's recipe that he provided in his original post. I used a POD HD500 v1.40 and POD HD500 Edit 1.06 with the Line 6 EX-1 expression pedal. I connected the expression pedal to the POD, powered the POD on, then connected directly to the USB port on the Windows XP computer.

POD HD500 Edit received my presets, at that point, I navigated to the Best OF HD presets 1A One Coil Brit. I loaded them  and checked to see which pedal was assigned to EXP 1 and 2. The on board expression pedal was assigned to EXP-1 and the external EX-1 was assigned to EXP-2, they worked just fine to sweep the full range of the wah or volume models assigned to them. I switched to 2A Jimi Got Gyped, and same results on board expression controlled EXP-1 and external EX-1 controlled EXP-2, full sweep works just fine.

Prior to testing this I performed a Global Settings reset by holding down the left arrow key while powering on the POD HD500. I then performed a expression pedal calibration by powering up the POD HD500 while holding down the right arrow key and following the instructions available at the link below:

Re: Bug in HD500 when using External Expression Pedal?
by digiprod on 2012-01-06 19:21:08.2570

I posted the results of what I found here:

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