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Variax 600 & POD X3 Live noises
by norbn2 on 2011-12-30 18:45:12.5920

So, I own a Variax 600 and a POD X3 Live, and I love both of 'em.

It's just that they drive me crazy with these stupid noises they make.

Firmware is up-to-date on both.

1. Feedback

The Variax is connected to the X3L's Variax input, then the X3L's Live Out (Left) goes into my amp. I tried with many amps, the problem's the same.

Even at moderate volumes -- say, a 40W tube amp at maybe 4, with me standing about 15 ft away, my back to the amp -- I got this high-pithched feedback as soon as I go to one of my patches with a higher level of distortion. I don't need that very often, but sometimes I do.

I tried playing around with the X3L output level vs. the amp's volume setting, nothing changed. Beyond a certain volume level, squeeeeeal.

I'd love to play gigs where I don't have to constantly heel the volume pedal at parts where I'm not playing for a second or two. A palm mute should be enough.

Cross-check: my Strat, roughly the same output level as the Variax. Same patch on the X3L. I face the amp, three feet away. No feedback at all.

I've found this thread

and I have something similar to that. But my 600 has a shielded cable between the bridge and the panel, so I'm still stuck.

Any ideas?

2. Digital (?) pot noise

Turning the volume knob on the Variax, or rocking the exp. pedal on the X3L make the exact same chirping noise.

It's a rapid series of very short, high-pitched beeps, definitely not cracking as an older pot would do.

I'm guessing what I hear are the discrete increments/decrements in volume (or whatever else in the pedal's case).

Again, this is already audible at moderate amp volumes. Same amp as above, same volume, and chirp-chirp whenever I twist the knob or step on the pedal.

Can this be eliminated somehow?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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