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Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by bobsywobsy on 2009-05-11 15:03:50.3170


I'm trying to connect my pod 2.0 to my computer so i can download different tones/ effects.  I have bought what i think are the correct midi cables ( its a MIDI USB IN and OUT... im not very familer with any of this).  The cables connect into the pod easily and have put the MIDI IN cable and OUT in the correct slot in the pod.

I downloaded the Line 6 edit and Line 6 Monkey but have had problems getting it to recognise my Pod 2.0.  When I insert the USB into an open slot in my computer, the computer recognises the device (a balloon comes up saying its recognised device and ready to use).  BUT... on the line 6 edit when i try to configure i click "Refresh"... nothing happens, so i click add and select my Pod 2.0 and click "ok" and i get "no device" "Could not connect to pod 2.0, please check all MIDI and power connections and click 'refresh' in the tone locker" and i still cant get it to recognise.

On the MIDI cable i have the power LED light lit... but there are 2 other LED lights IN and OUT which arent lit.  Everything seems to be connected fine.

Any ideas? any advice would be great!



PS. Look at the attached pictures if it helps. Thanks

Re: Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by swedebass on 2009-05-11 16:07:40.3750

try flipping the in and out cables

Re: Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by bobsywobsy on 2009-05-11 16:25:01.0810

how do you mean flipping? changing them round?


Re: Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by nadaroy on 2009-05-18 20:34:56.9050

i have the same problemes..anyone have an idea?

Re: Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by bobsywobsy on 2009-05-19 14:25:42.2930

hi ... yeah i've sorted mine now...

what i did was indeed i had the "IN" cable go into the "OUT" port on the pod, and vice versa (seems a bit weird to me that they go in that way ... im not genius but hey! it worked hehe).  But after that i had time out problems so i just reinstalled and updated line 6 edit and flash memory and it worked!

Hope this helps


Re: Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by nadaroy on 2009-05-20 06:07:04.2820

i did what you's still not working......HELP!!!!

Re: Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by warlok on 2009-06-09 23:19:29.6430

Did any of you get this sorted out? I have the exact same problem. First I tried it with the adapter you have in your pic. Didn't even recognize anything. Now I have a Tascam US-122L interface and I'm having the same message you're getting. This is getting quite frustrating!!

Re: Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by LH62666NEW on 2009-11-16 10:52:02.2070

I'm having the same issues.  Will the POD 2.0 work with MIDI cables that attach to a Soundblaster Live MP3+ 15 pin MIDI port?  I'm not able to get anything.  Have the cables OUT to the POD's IN and visa versa, have checked all the channels and ALL itself, rebooted the computer with the POD on and in MIDI mode, nothing works.  I just keep getting the same "Could not connect to the POD 2.0.  Please check...."" message.  Could this be a driver issue or am I plain out of luck with the older MIDI cabling?  My computer is an AMD64 running Windows XP Pro SP3.  Thanks.


It is detected by the latest Monkey software and has the 2.54 install and is connected via MIDI so I know it is communicating with computer but the Line 6 Edit software doesn't see it.

Re: Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by LH62666NEW on 2009-11-18 13:56:31.2390

The issues I was having have been solved and so that there might be others who are having connectivity issues like mine and are connecting as I do, I am providing what worked for me.

First off this is for those who are using traditional MIDI cabling that connects to a sound cards 15 pin D-shape MIDI port, particularly the Soundblaster PCI Live card.  Other cards may be similar.

The first thing you are going to need is Java's runtime environment ver. 1.5.0_22.  This can be had by going to and filling out the information needed to download it.  The ability to download it comes from a link that you receive by email (Sun does this with end of life softwares, dunno why).  Run the download.  The reasoning for this is that the latest version of Sun's JRE has issues that prevented my POD from being recognized by the MIDI port.  I found others saying that the older release worked and since it does, I'm passing it on.

Secondly, you will need to have the latest version of Line 6 Edit which is currently ver. 3.02.  You can find that on the site easily enough if you don't already have it.  What I needed to do was uninstall it, then install the JRE above, then reinstall afterwords.

Thirdly, after having connected your POD and turned it on, run Line 6 Edit and in the MIDI devices box, select add and select SB Live! MIDI port [EA00] for both in and out.  Do not bother with using the MIDI button of the POD but just have it on and connected.  Once done with this, click OK.  The program will cycle through fairly quickly and you should end up with the help screen up (this will always come up but you can uncheck it to prevent it) and you should be seeing the Tone Locker view of Line 6 Edit with your downloaded tones and templates folder view on the left and your list of amps on the right.  Now you can download all those amazing tones or create and save your own.  This program ROCKS!  I can now save my settings more easily than before and can precisely recall them with a few clicks.  Thanks Line 6!

Re: Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by Ronco46 on 2010-01-22 09:45:29.8890


I've my POD 2.0 connected to a pc via a M-Audio Uno 1x1 (cable + adapter) and it works very nicely, i should say. Downloaded great tones and uploaded some fairely audible ones

I also have a software called Guitar Pro 5 installed in the computer.

I can write songs in Guitar Pro using a MIDI keeboard.

I would like to do the same, using the POD... is it possible? can I play the guitar and get the notation written automatically in Guitar Pro? Because it is possible with the keeboard. Anything I shoul configure differently with the MIDI In/ Out configurations? Any advice?

Thank you very much!


Re: Pod 2.0, conneting to computer
by mko0 on 2010-06-05 05:29:55.0810
  • I´ve done every thing. I´ve downloaded java, line 6 edit, line 6 monkey and my pod is connected and i´ve downloaded all the tones i want.
  • But i´m having trouble syncing them on tone locker.
  • HELP!!!!!!!


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