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Using multiple Line6 Devices in a DAW
by Jimirockstar on 2012-01-03 10:14:31.2480

This is for Line6 people.

I raised a feature request over 2 years ago.

I mentioned this in another thread more recently and was told that the engineers would be advised.

Please could someone let me know when this issue (described below) will be resolved?

It is currently not possible to use two different pieces of kit in a DAW without MAJOR hassle. For example, I have a TonePort KB37 and a PodXT Live which I expect to be able to use in the following way:

1) I use the TonePort KB37 as my primary sound device.

2) I use the TonePort KB37 as my primary DAW interface - it has assignable transport buttons and I expect this to be usable at all times when I'm using my DAW

3) I want to connect my PodXT Live in order to record guitar parts as it has a Variax input (yes, I have a Variax too)

4) I want to connect my PodXT Live in order to access the model packs on that which are not on my TonePort KB37

5) I need to be able to do 3 and 4 without disconnecting my TonePort KB37 as the latter is essential for 1 and 2

1, 2 & 3 above are fine. The problem comes when I want to use my PodXT Live as the device for Pod Farm as it always defaults to the TonePort KB37 as the device to be used. The only way I can access the model packs on the PodXT Live is to disconnect the TonePort KB37 but, as explained above, I cannot do this because of points 1 & 2 above.

This really is a simple request and one that I can't believe was considered when creating the Pod Farm 1 let alone Pod Farm 2 and 2.5. There just needs to be an option in Pod Farm to choose which device to use for each instance.


Re: Using multiple Line6 Devices in a DAW
by TheRealZap on 2012-01-03 11:10:54.0560

if you update your monkey and the license manager... you should be able to authorize your computer and kb37 to use the model packs without the xt... assuming that you purchased licenses.

this would seem to solve all of your problemsabove by making it so that you would not have a reason to plug in the XT at all....

(just go analog out of XT into toneport for variax input)

as far as the pod farm input...

its not a line6 limitation... ASIO specs only allow for use of one ASIO device at a time.\

there are very technical reasons for this that affect latency and quality...

it basically boils down to having the audio stream controlled by a single hardware clock.

Re: Using multiple Line6 Devices in a DAW
by Line6Hugo on 2012-01-09 09:43:43.0340

+1 to zap's response.

The main stopper here is the ASIO driver is designed to work with one audio device at a time on a Windows machine.  On a Mac, using Core audio, you can use more than one audio interface at a time as an aggregate device, but we still don't support that connection with our product because we have seen that type of setup fail during use as well.

As for authorizing your model packs, you would need to just connect the device with the desired model packs to authorize those for usage when recording.  You are only recording from one audio interface at a time and connecting the one with the packs you would like to use is what you should do to make it work.



RE: Using multiple Line6 Devices in a DAW
by Line6Don on 2012-01-17 11:58:49.8210

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In the event your issue has not been resolved, I created a support ticket for you so we can continue to communicate. Please respond to the ticket. Thanks!!

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RE: Using multiple Line6 Devices in a DAW
by Line6Don on 2012-01-24 10:35:06.0090

hey James,

I would suggest that you have both devices connected at the same time to the computer. Then within your DAW you can change the audio driver assignments to switch between the two when you want to use the POD XT.


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Re: RE: Using multiple Line6 Devices in a DAW
by TheRealZap on 2012-01-24 10:40:45.6570

you'd of course need to move your speakers/monitors back and forth or have multiple sets.

Re: Using multiple Line6 Devices in a DAW
by zerebrosh on 2012-04-11 02:44:21.6780

All of the right things have already been said (more or less ), so this is only to recap in a simple (hopefully) way (had the same "problems"):

- connect both - the POD and the KB37 - to your machine via USB

- use the line out at the POD and the line in at the KB37 (connect them, obviously)

- plug in your Variax as usual (network cable into the POD)

- in your DAW switch from either device to the other

- use the POD Farm as a plug in (inside the DAW)


What's more (and not has been mentioned so far):

using this setup you can mix the results of the Farm with everything you have on your PODxt, meaning basically that you can have the "dual" results from the Farm, and then add everything you can normally get from your PODxt to the mix.

So the complete FX section of the PODxt, as well as all your model packs are there IN ADDITION to your Farm settings.

Means, that most folks would be quite able to get along with the "cheap" (free) version of the Farm . Who might need not dual but triple amp/fx-settings anyway?

Well: I do !!

Have fun!

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