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DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by guilhermebreda on 2012-01-03 19:40:32.2150

Hi, I've been using POD HD500 for almost 1 year, I've never had problems with it (except for the left arrow button that is not working 100%, so I have to press It harder), I use it with the Variax 700 too...The HD500 is already updated to v1.40

I recently bought the DT25 112 Combo, using the standard amp input, it seems that everything is working fine, but when I try to connect the HD500 and DT25, It doens't work, I've already follow step by step the instructions I found in POD HD support "[Video Tutorial] POD HD500 & DT25/DT50 L6 Link Connectivity Setup"!">!">!

There's no audio and there's no data beeing sent, when I move the knobs in DT25 nothing happens in HD500. The audio Outputs and Phones output from HD500 are working 100%

I'm using an standard mic XLR cable, it's a cable that came in a RMV Mic, I've tested it with a multimeter and the cable seems to be 100%, the cable is measure 10 or 15ft, I've also tested with another XLR mic cable 25ft and it doens't work too...

Is this a common issue? Would it be an issue in the HD500 or DT25?

What should i do?



Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by DarthHollis on 2012-01-04 06:17:33.1070

This may sound silly, but are you using the L6 Link out of the POD?  I've heard of other users using the XLR outputs and that won't work.  Also, it could be how you have your presets set up (with dual amps).

The main thing after checking the L6 connection (and trying another XLR cable) would be to check the L6 link in the POD page 8 of 9 in the Setup menu.  Amp 1 & 2 should both be Left/Right.

Lastly, turn on the POD first, then turn on the DT.  You should see and hear the relays in the DT change to match the preset on the POD.  That should say the link is working.

Other than this, I would say your DT link might not be working and you need to have it serviced.  If you still think you are doing something wrong, take a video showing how you have things set up and we can use that to analyze everything piece by piece.

Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by guilhermebreda on 2012-01-04 08:25:19.7710


I'm using the Xlr Cable from the POD HD500 L6 Link to the DT25 L6 Link,

I've set the L6 Link Audio at the page 8 of 9 and also the L6 Link control at the page 9 of 9, I think I set It right...

I've tried that, turning the POD First, then the DT and it doen't seem to work, I've also tried turning the amp first and other possibilites. I'm uploading video in youtube so we can take a closer look at the problem...

The cable seems to be working 100%, it's the same cable I use for Mic recordings, tested with a multimeter it seems to be 100% too, but I'll try another cable too to make sure, I've read that the AES-EBU type XLR would be better, but I was sure I would at least have some sign of conection with my standard XLR cable...

I'll send the link for the video in a few minutes

Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by guilhermebreda on 2012-01-04 09:02:45.3380

Hi, I've uploaded the link for the video that demonstrates the problem">">

I would be very grateful if you or anyone here could help me



Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by Rowbi on 2012-01-04 09:34:28.6460

standard mic cable will work fine, there's no need for AES-EBU, but that would work fine too.

basically either is ok.

order for turning on POD and Amp doesn't matter.  it should work either way.

What I would say is that changing the L6Link settings in the system settings could be an issue.

I would do a global settings reset on the POD (search this forum for that procedure, as there's a helpful doc about how to do it).  also make sure your flash memory on the DT and POD are up to date... if not then you'll have issues.  also always reset the globals on the POD after a flash install/reinstall/upgrade

if you're still having issues and can't get it working at all, then there's a chance something in the L6Link circuits aren't working right, and so it may need Line 6 to service both the POD and/or DT. 

check your nearest service center here:">"> and call them direct to ask about the procedure for getting the kit looked at together (POD and DT) and then being serviced.



Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by DarthHollis on 2012-01-04 10:33:00.8940

From the video it looks like everything is set up correctly and you have an issue with the DT (most likely - but I wouldn't rule out the POD).  Remember that the L6 link is completely digital, no analog signal is sent over the XLR cable.  I would re-install your 1.4 Flash to POD from the Line 6 Monkey before you do anything crazy, though.

The DT-50 needs most currect Flash update but the DT-25 was shipped with it and should not need it.

I noticed on the video that you switched from Channel 2 to channel 1.  With the L6 link engaged the DT should be on channel 1. 

I hope you find a solution soon and I'm sorry it wasn't an easy fix.

One other thing I just thought of... is the low volume mode engaged on the back of the amp?

Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by guilhermebreda on 2012-01-04 13:15:06.0090

I've tested the cable again using a multimeter and it's 100%, In my recording gear, my mic works 100% with the cable too, I've also tried another XLR cable and the connection doesn't happen...

I've reinstalled the last firmware of POD HD500 (v.140) and made a global settings reset, It doesn't work too :/

I suppose It could be a hardware problem in HD500 or DT25, I'll try to make the test with another POD HD tomorrow, then I'll know...

I'm not sure If I'll get the proper Line 6 support in my country (Brazil), I bought it in US, from a good music store, but I wasn't able to test it...

The DT25 amp haven't arrived officially in Brazil yet (even the DT50), in the music stores I've been, none of the sellers even knows that the DT amps exists...

If I can make the test tomorrow with another POD HD, I'll post the results, let's see what happens....

Any other ideas?

Many thanks anyway!



Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by guilhermebreda on 2012-01-04 13:25:04.7070

I've reinstalled the 1.4 firmware of POD HD500 and reset the global settings and it doesn't worked too...

Yeah, I've checked here and the DT25 already comes with the 1.0 update, it seems that there's no new firmware for it.

I've tested with the channel 1 and it doesn't work too :/

The low volume mode is in the back of the amp, I usually leave it turned on, I've tried with full volume but without success too

I'll try to make the test tomorrow with another POD HD, then I'll post the results.

I'm just worried because I bought the amp and the HD500 in US and I leave in Brazil, don't know If I'll have proper warranty and support here...

Any other ideas to test?

Many thanks anyway



Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by guilhermebreda on 2012-01-04 15:26:04.2710

I found a new information about the problem, when I get a cable and make contact with one of the 1/4 jacks from the POD HD500, like the Loop send or 1/4 output (actullay, the part of the jack you can see outside, the ground contact), and them when I make contact with the same jack part of the DT25, no matter what jack is it, the amp will send data to HD500 when I turn the Knobs, but still, the amp won't receive any audio...

Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by Line6Don on 2012-01-11 15:55:28.3270

Thanks for uploading a video of your situation, it was very helpful. From what it appears everything is connected and set up correctly. The L6 Link options on the POD HD500 look correct as well.

Even though the amp ships with the latest firmware, we would suggest with these sort of symptoms to reinstall the flash memory into the amp. To do so please download and install the latest version of Line 6 Monkey software and use it to update to this latest version of Flash Memory. Once you’ve connected your DT50 to your computer via USB MIDI interface, Monkey will recognize your unit and take you through the update process. The Line 6 Monkey application may be downloaded at the link below:

Windows Line 6 Monkey 1.50:

MAC Line 6 Monkey 1.50:

Have you also had a chance to test the POD HD500 with something to confirm that it is sending output correctly to establish that the POD HD500 is working correctly as well?

Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by guilhermebreda on 2012-01-13 16:00:20.1690


Many thanks for you response and help.

Today I had the opportunity to test the DT25 with another HD500 in a music store near my home,

I've used the same cable, I haven't changed any setting in the amp, I plugged the cables and it worked 100%!

I've just used the L6 Link cable (standard XLR mic cable) connecting DT25 and HD500 and plugged my guitar in the HD500 input, they worked 100%! So, the DT25 was sending and receiving data and the HD500 was sending audio, as It was supposed to be.

When I came home, I gave another try with my HD500 and It didn't work again...

The problem seems to be in the HD500, I bought it in USA and I live in Brazil, so, I'm not sure if Line 6 will still give me warranty, I bought it almost 1 year ago, never had bigger problems with it...

Still, the Line 6 support in my town doesn't exists anymore, so I'm not sure what I should do right now

Any ideas what I should do?

Many thanks anyone who tried to help me anyway



Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by Philo694 on 2012-01-14 12:06:59.3670


Don't know if this helps but I had the same problem with no sound coming from the amp when I connected my XLR mic cable to the DT25 from my POD HD 500. I had my guitar cable plugged into the amp...dooh! so I plugged it into the pod HD were it should have been but still no sound. I accidently moved the master volume on the POD HD and wow! the amp sprun itnto life. Now have full sound from it.

Hope that helps. Worked for me!

Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by darealagentp on 2012-01-19 16:59:28.6080

This is always a tough situation: when a customer visits the United States and purchases our device at a dealer in the U.S. Sales Network. The 1-year Service Warranty is only applicable here in the domestic U.S. Part of your payment to the U.S. Dealer covers the potential warranty fee, but it doesn't transfer to other Sales Networks in other countries of the globe.

So, the reality is: if you can make a copy of your U.S. Dealer receipt for the HD500 and find a way to ship your unit to somebody (a family relative or friend) living here in the U.S., they could get your HD500 and receipt to an Authorized U.S. Service Center in their area on your behalf.

If you're still within the first year of purchase purchase, we'll cover parts and labor costs. But shipping to and from the U.S will not be covered by us.

I purchased an electronic device overseas (from Japan) years ago. A malfunction in the unit not due to misuse on my end ensued within the warranty period... but the warranty would only apply if I could get the unit back to Japan. This was the risk I took by purchasing the device there while on vacation and I understood. It ended up being cheaper and easier for me to pay for the repair at a U.S. repair center for that manufacturer, but I did pay for the repair. The Brasil Distributor for Line 6 is Habro, in Sao Paulo, in case you want that info. But I'm sure they will charge you for a repair on the HD500, since you didn't buy it through their sales network.

Re: DT25 + POD HD500 L6 Link Issues
by guilhermebreda on 2012-01-30 18:23:37.2950

Hi everybody, many thanks for all responses and help!

The connection problem was really in the POD HD500

The warranty wouldn't work for me as I bought it in US and I live in Brazil, also there's no official Line 6 assistance in my city anymore (there used to be until 2010 I guess)...

Today I've took the HD500 to a great electronic technician I know, we've opened the HD500 and here's what we've found:

- One of the L6 Link connection pins that make contact with the board was broken (the third pin, from left to right) 


The solution:

- We've just solder a wire to make contact between the board and the broken pin:


I've looked for the broken part of the pin inside the chassis and I didn't found it, I'm almost sure my POD has already came with this little problem...

Fortunately It was very easy to fix and I didn't had to spend money with parts

I've tested the HD500 and DT25 with the same cables, same guitar, It worked 100%!

The POD is sending Audio and receiving and sending Data. Gear gear from Line 6!

I've also tried contact with the official Line 6 Distributor in Brazil, Habro, I've called it for days, I've sent a lot of emails, any answer, any successful contact, such a shame Line 6 Distributor in Brazil, I know Line 6 in USA has a great support and care with customers, but here in Brazil, Habro wouldn't give any proper support for Line 6 users...


I bought the HD500 in USA in february 2011 for US$499

Here in Brazil in online stores, the price of the is R$2300 (more than US$1300)

I wouldn't recommend opening any Line 6 products if you still have warranty, but still, I hope this could help users that had similar problems and didn't had warranty or a proper support near...



Other photos of the POD opened:






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