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Models Volume Differences Between VDI and 1/4"
by jdolby on 2012-01-04 09:18:27.7010

I got a Black JTV-69 for Christmas (BEST WIFE EVER!!!) and love it.  I now own the entire "dream rig" (JTV>>HD500>>DT50).  Thankfully, I have none of the issues with tremolo stability and string/nut spacing that have been reported.

However, I have noticed a significant difference in the output levels of modeled guitars when using a standard guitar cable vs using the VDI cable.

When I use the VDI cable the magnetic pickups and models are more evenly balanced, level wise.  For example, the Lester Bridge model is much louder than the JTV magnetic humbucker when I use a guitar cable, but only slightly louder when using the VDI cable.

I have compared the output levels to similar guitars in my collection and in every case the models are louder using a standard guitar cable.  So much so that the Lester Bridge model drives the input of my amp equally as hard as my Carvin high impedence (13.6K ohm) humbucking pickup. 

I would say that the VDI model levels are 'correct' when compared to my other guitars.

For now, I have dropped the string volume(s) down to 90 in Variax Workbench to compensate because I plan on using the analog output for the time being.  But the VDI levels are now lower, which means I'll have to jack the volumes backup when it comes time to use the VDI.  

All three devices have the latest firmware.

Has anyone else noticed this?  I wonder if a firmware update could address this in the future.

Re: Models Volume Differences Between VDI and 1/4"
by Line6Don on 2012-01-10 15:38:02.8320

That is rather strange that your experiecning the difference in volume to between outputs as opposed to a difference in volume between the mags and models themselves.

You could save a bundle of models for the the 1/4" output and then setup a bundle for the VDI outputs. You then could load the bundle of models for whichever output you plan on using it with.

Another thing to consider is how long of a 1/4" cable are you using? There is signal loss with analog 1/4" cable connections, but not with the VDI cable. So it's possible that the volume difference could be a result of this signal loss with a long running 1/4".

Can provide us with some audio samples of the volume difference you are experiencing? Try using the POD HD500 as your audio interface for your computer, and record sound samples of the mags and model sounds over 1/4" and then the same sounds over VDI. Use blank presets on the POD HD500, so there is not any additional volume being added to the sound.

Re: Models Volume Differences Between VDI and 1/4"
by Line6david on 2012-01-16 16:27:58.7860


I was reading through this and just to make sure everything is ok, can you post a sound clip of the issue?



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Re: Models Volume Differences Between VDI and 1/4"
by Line6david on 2012-01-20 15:16:06.0120

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