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POD HD500 reboot loop with no sound problem easy fix
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-01-04 15:06:37.9240

I recently tried a registry clean program using windows XP right after I updated to the latest driver

As I was using the Line 6 edit the pod HD500 restarted and I lost all sounds. I tried repowering the POD but it kept getting stuck looping the startup screen with no sound. The Quick fix was to power up as I press the left arrow on 4 way button. Few minutes after recalibrating the POD continuous controller, and after connecting using USB and using Line 6 edit the POD again started looping trying to restart without sound. The second time the Left arrow thing worked perfectly so I decided not to connect USB. For a couple of hours without using the USB edit program the POD was fine using its own hardware front Panel. I decided to try again with USB sure enough same problem and same fix.

I became suspicious that the Registry cleaner was the culprit so I restored my system from a ghost image before the registry cleaner was installed and all is good.  The concern is that the restored system has the older USB driver right before 4.2.51. I decided not to update yet even though I think the registry cleaner is the culprit and it's probably safe for me to update to 4.2.51 but I want to bring that up to everyone’s attention that the left arrow can be a fix for the startup loop. My question is somewhat answered but I'll ask it any way, Is the USB communication using Line 6 edit capable of doing that kind of POD malfunction? And what can we do to prevent this sort of things from happening? I will soon update to the latest driver to confirm that the Registry cleaner messed up my windows XP Sp 3 system to cause the driver malfunction.

Just want to add that I didn't intend to alarm anyone because this behavior is sometimes common when using a PC to communicate with MIDI instruments. I've had similar experience with Roland Synth where the synth would completely freeze sometimes when used with PC sequencer. It's just an unfortunate consequence of using an operating system that is intended to do million other tasks. I hope some music only operating system will be implemented by some entity, that will make it easier to get to the bottom of this problem without having to worry about so many features of massive operating systems like Windows or Mac...

Edit: Just updated to driver and been playing for 4-5 hours using the Line 6 Edit and no problems, which in my situations means that the Registry editor program was the main cause of the problem.

Re: POD HD500 reboot loop with no sound problem easy fix
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-01-11 19:55:28.7540

My final conclusion is that is problematic, because I did hear annoying buzzing sounds as I was editing so I thought it was the sound card. Others have reported problems with and squeeling noise and since my major problems (Constant rebooting) on the same day I updated I have to presume that it's the driver problem.

In summary I'm concluding Firmware 1.4 is fine, but latest driver is not safe on my system so I'm going back to, until another update is out.

Re: POD HD500 reboot loop with no sound problem easy fix
by DEATH_VIA_SPUDS on 2012-01-17 04:23:31.7600

Yes I do think it is the new driver. For some reason my unit tends to automatically enable +18db which is quite annoying as i have to keep disabling it. I did also experience one freeze on my hd500 when connected via usb, but it restarted successfuly and all is well. I was quite concerned as mine is only a month old and the last thing i want is having the hardware fail. I find it odd that so many pods have this restart issue.

Re: POD HD500 reboot loop with no sound problem easy fix
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-01-17 05:40:02.3900

Never had a single problem when the POD operated on it's own without being connected to a computer, so I'm happy with that and I realize that line 6 will further upgrade these units and reslove most if not all known issues. When you deal with computers, it's no surprise that hardware sometimes fail when connected to them...If you have your machine, like many,  connected to the computer for anything,  you need to frequent these forums beause it's obvious these pods were designed well with recovery options in case of failure and this is the place to find these solutions...

Re: POD HD500 reboot loop with no sound problem easy fix
by blugaruda on 2012-05-16 00:41:04.3790

Thanks for that fix mate. I have just been using my HD500 and it went into this startup loop rendering it unusable. I would never have thought of pressing that button on power up. I assumed it was a dicky power supply. I'm using a mac so I'm guessing the operating system is nothing to do with the problem since you're on a PC.

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