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Undo deletes everything
by lazysilverback on 2012-01-04 19:36:59.7410

OK, another question!  I have a bass and a 6 string which I am using to lay down tracks.  For the bass I use the Aux input, and for the 6 string track, I switch to the Guitar input.  If I then decide to Undo, my choices are Undo All, Undo Guitar, and Undo Aux.  Logic tells me that those are linked to the inputs, aren't they?  However, if I Undo guitar, I lose both the bass and the 6 string inputs... that seems strange doesn't it?

Clarification appreciated!

PS.  I notice there is no control for setting the input levels for the guitar input, what is the default?  I am guessing zero?

Re: Undo deletes everything
by daydreamin7677 on 2012-01-05 16:12:54.4640

The way I understand it is to delete or undo your last track you must do this while the track is still playing. For example I select a drum loop, I record rythm part over said drum loop, then I lay down a bass track that I dont like. While the loop is still playing I hit the undo button and bingo, last take is gone.

Re: Undo deletes everything
by Line6Don on 2012-01-12 12:20:18.6050

+1 to daydreamin7677, simply press undo while it is still playing to remove the last recorded part.

Holding undo for 2 seconds brings you to the clear menu that will clear all recordings from a certain input. After testing this, I received the same results, clear the guitar will clear the AUX track as well. The reason is the AUX track is perceived as a second instrument input. Clearing the AUX will keep the guitar track, but it seems as though the jam assumes that when you clear guitar, you want to clear all "instrument" parts. So if you connect the guitar to the AUX in and the bass to the guitar in you could clear the AUX track without effecting the guitar track.

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