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Powering a DL4 and MM4
by harroruke on 2012-01-04 23:41:17.0610

Hi there,

I've got a a DL4 and an MM4 and want to know if I can run both simultaneously off my Line 6 Power Adaptor (model:SA480920) with a daisy chain.

Having two seperate power supplies adds weight & I need to fly these around quite a bit.


RE: Powering a DL4 and MM4
by Line6Don on 2012-01-10 12:11:35.2640

We do not recommend daisy chaining power supplies. I suggest that each one of these pedals is powered by it's own Line 6PX-2G:

Re: Powering a DL4 and MM4
by harroruke on 2012-01-11 01:24:33.0920

Nothing personal but thats exactly the response I expected; no straight answer. Just a recommendation to buy another Line 6 product.

I already have an MM4 a DL4 an M9, a Tone Core & A Pod xt Live. No doubt the company tells you to answer this way. Please tell "the Company" how unhappy this makes customers. I know you can use a 1 Spot to power 1 of these two along with a stack of other pedals. I'll contact them instead. Excess baggage costs are heavy in Australia & two heavy power supplies in one board is not viable, I've got the email about the customer support survey & will fill it in accordingly.

Re: Powering a DL4 and MM4
by Line6david on 2012-01-11 11:18:23.3620


The PX-2G is a 9v AC 2000mA power supply. The specific requirements for both the MM4 and DL4 listed on the back of each unit are 9V AC 1200mA minimum.

Running 9V DC 17000mA (the specs of the 1spot) to the unit may power the pedals on but will eventually burn out internal components in the pedals and cause a failure (I have seen this happen personally).

It is never good to use direct current with a device that is supposed to be powered by alternating current.

Therefore, it is unsupported. If you want to use aftermarket adapters the need to be 9V AC 1200mA or higher or you WILL damage the MM4 and DL4.

If the original adaptors are not viable for transport then you will need to pick a lighter aftermarket power supply that outputs at least 9V AC 1200mA for each unit.



Line 6 Customer Support  

Re: Powering a DL4 and MM4
by BigChas52 on 2012-01-11 12:17:50.7220

I do not know if an AC power adapter, such as the PX-2G can be reliably diasy chained, even if there is plenty of power to run the two devices.  In any case, daisy chaining ANY Line 6 pedals is definitely not supported, and if you ran into trouble, Line 6 could deny warranty service.  Folks that have daisy chained pedals, such as the ToneCore pedals frequently report adverse sound performance anyway.  Line 6 pedals are VERY demanding when it comes to consistant power supply.

Consider also that the Line 6 folks do have to tow the company support line, not to sell additional product )I don't think they make a ton from selling $20 power supplies), but to avoid warranty disputes.

What you might want to consider is a good quality, regulated power supply that can handle multiple stomp boxes, including the Line 6 4-button stomp boxes.  Take a look at this Line 6 document.  It suggests several VooDoo Labs power supplies as a possible alternative to the PX-2G's for running Line 6 4-button stomp boxes.

I would recommend the Pedal Power 2+, which can power both your MM4 and DL4, along with a bunch of other devices.  You might also consider Pedal Power AC, or Pedal Power Digital, depending on your needs.

Also, here is an interesting Line 6 Forum post from about a year ago that also addresses the topic.

Safe travels,


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