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Guitar string opinions
by rodney13 on 2012-01-06 02:54:10.4290

For a long time i had used Daddario strings as thats all i knew then i changed to Ernie balls and yeah their good as well as many other brands i have tried over the years

The last 12 months i have been using Elixir Nanoweb and Polyweb and like them a lot and today i found out how much i realy do like them

Today i decided to give the good old trusty Daddarios another shot

well what has happened to those strings , the E, A and D stings just dont seem to have much bottem end and its like someone turned up the mids (overall a bit plastic sounding) although i must say the notes/chords seemed very clear and they felt very good and easy to play

So i then put the Elixirs back on the they sounded more solid and natural in the bottom end and the mids dont jump out and bite you

they just seem to have a nice ballanced tone across all 6 strings as strings should

I dont know maybe the Daddarios are better in the mix when playing in a live situation but after comparing strings i really can tell you that the Elixirs are as good as most of the other popular brands

the only thing is i feel they take a bit more effort to play than other brands more so when bending notes

Re: Guitar string opinions
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-01-06 04:16:09.4730

I used GHS , then DADDArio, then GHS then three months ago I started using ELIXIR nano web. Now I like ELIXIR as I tried the GHS and they seemed much darker.  Even though there's some difference that can be heard when you switch strings, I think it's a matter of getting used to certain frequencies more than anything.

When I first switched to ELIXIR it was because I didn't want to change strings as often and they sounded Ok at first. Now that I'm used to their sound, I find them to be very well balanced throughout all the strings just like you have found and I will stick with them

Recently  I broke the B string and I still had a GHS laying around so I put in next to the ELIXIR in the same guitar. It sounded much bigger and slightly louder with more bass and highs in comparison to the adjacent strings, so the next time I gave the GHS a shot figuring my sound would be bigger and louder, didn't like them anymore because alot of the mid was missing and the low strings seemed dark when comparing with ELIXIR, so in the same day I went and got another set of ELIXIR nanoweb. I think I will stick with ELIXIR.

Re: Guitar string opinions
by Nick_Mattocks on 2012-01-06 05:46:50.5700

Quite a few of the brands I used to like seem to have disappeared now   I used to like Dean Markley strings but my local store doesn't keep them.  Not sure if they are still made and available in the UK but you've given me the impetus to check LOL

In general I can always rely on Ernie Ball Slinky or Super Slinky.  d'Addario strings have in general always been reliable for me too, but lately not so good.  I have a couple of JTVs which came new with d'Addario 0.010" to 0.046" gauge strings fitted as standard.  I was not really happy with the sustain from those strings and on my JTV-59 they felt un-naturally tight.  Now obviously the JTV bridge isn't your run of the mill Tune-o-matic so sustain-wise that may have been contributory.  But replacing them with the same gauge yet in Ernie Ball Slinky form improved sustain and the unnatural tightness was gone.  I did try a brand new set of d'Addario 0.009" gauge strings on the JTV-59, but they didn't feel right either, so I tried a brand new set of d'Addario 0.010" gauge - same as the factory fitted strings and the tightness was back and the sustain wasn't good - I left them on for a couple of weeks and swapped them out for a new set of EB Slinky strings and all was good.  The original strings were not at all dirty or oxidised when I received the guitar, which was still sealed in its box, so it wasn't that lots of people had been playing the guitar.

I like Elixir strings but I don't like the price LOL which about double the price of a set of EB (or equivalent) here in the UK.  Fortunately I don't have ecessively sweaty fingers so I don't end up getting too much muck on the strings of any of my guitars an a set of EB SS can last me a very long time without becoming dull.  I won't go into detail about months/years LOL

If I break a string then a quick fix of any suitable gauge string will suffice, but at that point for me it's time to change the full set to avoid excessive brightness or boominess from a stray string of a different brand.  But I agree Elixir Nano-Web strings are nice strings and I do use them on some of my guitars


Re: Guitar string opinions
by phil_m on 2012-01-06 06:26:55.1420

I use Elixirs on my acoustics pretty much exclusively. IMO, the Nanoweb is the way to go. The Polyweb ends up peeling off and just getting gross.

For my electrics, I've been using DR Tite-Fits and Pure Blues for the last 10 years or so. I've only ever had probably less than half a dozen of them break in that time period. They're inexpensive, and they have a nice, balanced tone.

Re: Guitar string opinions
by fireballchaser on 2012-01-06 16:09:22.4370

Gibson Humbucker 9 or 10 for my electrics and Martin 80/20 SP Lights for my accoustics.  Over 18 years of playing and those are still the best in my book.

Re: Guitar string opinions
by jimsreynolds on 2012-01-06 16:16:03.5970

On my electrics I am very happy with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkies (10s) on my Strat/Gibson and Power Slinkies (11s) on my Gretsch and Tele.

On my acoustics it is Martin SP in a 13.

I dabbled with Elixirs but didn't really like what they did to my midrange ... especially on my acoustics.  I only use them on one guitar now - an Ovation twin neck.  That is less about the tone and more about the lack of desire to change 18 strings too often.  They actually suit the Ovation (which has a slightly processed quality anyway).

Re: Guitar string opinions
by birro on 2012-01-06 19:04:02.8500

On my first guitar, I remember my teacher recommending D'addario. I've used it for many years... but when I tried Ernie Ball (thanks to the huge amount of guitar players named at the back of the pack) I was delighted. Really... when I think of D'addario, don't laugh, but for me it has a "plastic sound". It's not brilliant. Seems you're hearing some plastic strings... very strange. I like the sustain of the Ernie Ball's, the durability is OK but thanks to this topic I'm considering experimenting the Elixir ones. But they're far too expensive here in Brazil.

Nowadays I use Ernie Ball 010 regular slinky on my LP and 009 super slinky on my Ibanez.

... now I'm curious about the Elixir... thanks guys you've planted an interrogation mark on my head!!

Re: Guitar string opinions
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-01-06 19:15:52.7700

Elixir are almost three times the price, but they last much longer and they keep the fresh strings sound that you have when you first change your strings for a long time, also they don't need to be changed as often. Within a couple of weeks, when  other strings I used would become dark with oil and residue from the grease on the fingers, Elixir strings remain looking and sounding as if I just changed the strings.

Re: Guitar string opinions
by BulldogXTRM on 2012-01-06 19:22:42.5000

On my electric's I use either Ernie Ball Power Slinky's or GHS Boomer 11's.  I have plenty of bottom end and they mellow things out on the top (takes the edge off).

On my acoustic I use Elixir Nanoweb phosphor bronze Light-Medium's (12-56).

I'm a tone seeker so I've used about every string currently available and to me these strings are just right to my ears.

Re: Guitar string opinions
by birro on 2012-01-06 19:32:09.8890

Oh forgot to mention... on my acoustic I was using the Ernie Ball in a dark blue pack (forgot the name). I read lots of good reviews and imported somepacks of Martin Acoustc SP strings. Guys... INCREDIBLE! Very brilliant but not crispy! You should give a try on these!!

So far for electric, Ernie Ball... but seriously thinking of trying the Elixir at the LP (I wouldn't set up the floyd rose again at my Ibanez only for testing strings... too boring

Re: Guitar string opinions
by toneman2121 on 2012-01-06 20:48:32.2920

i find the dr's the best and i have never broken one. but i guess i'll have to give one more try to another brand to compare.

Re: Guitar string opinions
by defected07 on 2012-01-07 01:45:56.0050

DRs are actually pricier strings -- but I think that just shows the quality of them, also. They last long, and seem to be very durable. I've been using the Dimebag DRs on my SG for a few years now, and I picked up the Tite Fit 10.5 (has a fatter E string -- I forget if A and D are larger, too), so I look forward to trying those out.

For the OP not satisfied with the bottom end of his bass strings, maybe check out the "hybrid" string packs many companies (including DR, Ernie Ball, GHS, etc..) make with heavier E (A, D..) strings.

Re: Guitar string opinions
by arislaf on 2012-01-07 02:29:29.6810

I used to use GHS infinity steel, they was my favorite (until GHS stop producing them), wich was very bright, with great sound at all frequencies.The only problem, after about 2 weeks of daily playing , they were dull.Now I use elixir polyweb and I am happy..Not as with the GHS (at sound) but at least they remain bright for 2 months.

Re: Guitar string opinions
by rodney13 on 2012-01-07 14:37:39.4470

I'm glad someone else can also hear the plastic tone in the Daddarios

To me its more noticeable in the E,A,D strings  anyway I wont be putting them back on in hurry.

Re: Guitar string opinions
by mput on 2012-01-07 21:03:14.2400

Elixers are awesome strings but way too pricey to my wallet. I've used ernie ball 10's for over 30 years. best all around strings imo.

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