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Pod x3 live dual tone problem
by belerofon on 2012-01-06 09:20:04.1780

Hi there!
Can i have different tones saved as tone 2? I mean when i save second tone, same tone 2 is on every bank. Can i have several different second tones at the same time? For example on first bank big bottom+modern hi gain, and on second sparkling clean+blackface lux?

Re: Pod x3 live dual tone problem
by birro on 2012-01-06 18:03:53.0360

You mean like in bank 1, you have A, B, C, D. So you have 4 patches for bank 1.

So you would have 2 different tones for "A", 2 for B, 2 for C and 2 for D.

I mean: 1A tone one: distortion for rhythm

            1A tone two: distortion for solo

            1B tone one: clean chorus

            1B tone two: clean chorus adding more reverb and a phaser...

Yes you can. A guy who bought my X3 Live asked me about this and he did it pretty well.

But the thing is that playing in a same music it's hard to hit that tone swtich. For me it's better using A, B, C, D. Generally I never use more than 4 patches in a same song. So for my band's setlist I have about 16 full banks of patches, on which 8 are for my Ibanez and 8 tweak to handle my LP.

Yes you can but try to not get embarrassed hitting a wrong switch to change between tones 1 and 2

Re: Pod x3 live dual tone problem
by silverhead on 2012-01-06 18:39:52.1050

I think you have Tone 2 Locked. On the Home page display, there's a little padlock icon in the bottom row. Turn the little black knob beneath the icon until it is in the unlocked position. This should restore your Tone 2 availability on all patches.

Re: Pod x3 live dual tone problem
by belerofon on 2012-01-07 03:19:26.9380

Ah yes, i mean patches, sry
I want to have on A two clean tones, on B clean+crunch, on C two distortion tones, and on D distorted solo tones.

Because you know, with dual tone I can make some better tones(for what i hear).
But when i set my dual tone on A(two clean tones), then I switch to B and set clean+crunch, then my second tone on A changes to crunch instead of clean

AAAAAAAAAAND thanks silverhead and birro!
I unlocked tone 2 and now I have what I want!

Re: Pod x3 live dual tone problem
by mlatham70 on 2012-08-01 12:59:09.4850

I have to give you my personal thanks. I updated my x3 live and the lock went on as a result of the new updates. I thought I was in a bad situation but now that I read this and unlocked the tones I am happy. Thank you!

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