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Lots of strange problems with the Line6 UX2.
by Spoonmagnets on 2012-01-07 07:04:53.0510

I purchased the ux2 back in June 2011. I'm using it with a toshiba satallite labtop with windows 7 that I purchased in January 2011. Both are in very good working condition and I maintain them very well. However; last night while recording some things with a few friends the ux2 crashed on me. First it recorded my vocals extremely loud, then completely ceased to work. All I heard was white noise from the input, and when I tried to playback the tracks we recorded it sounded like it was a very crackly radio station. (Note that the ux2 had been plugged into my laptop, and the laptop and audio program were on for at least 20 hours already). I unplugged it, scanned my computer for viruses and all that and found nothing. Upon waking up the next morning I tried to see if it was just a glitch, but when I plugged it into my laptop my external stereo speakers started picking up a radio frequency from some kind of catholic news channel. When I unplug the ux2 usb port all sound stops. When I just unplug the stereo, I get a bunch of clicking sounds from the my laptop speakers. I've uninstalled/reinstalled/updated the ux2 driver for it with no luck. I've made sure that all the usb ports work correctly, and I even tried installing the driver on 2 different computers and still I have the same issue, so I'm positive the problem is with the ux2 itself and not my laptops/computers. When I try to record anything now, the podfarm, and my audio interface (Cubase 6) just pick up a lot of white noise,clipping, and that radio channel from the ux2 even if I have no mics or guitars plugged into it. This white noise problem happened once before about a month after I purchased it, and the problem was resolved simply by not using the ux2 for a few hours it's been about 8 hours and it still continues to not function properly. I'm curious as to what I should do to resolve this problem, and if anybody else has ever had issues like this. Thanks

Re: Lots of strange problems with the Line6 UX2.
by Spoonmagnets on 2012-01-09 07:45:05.5450

I still haven't heard anything from line6, any help would be appreciated.

Re: Lots of strange problems with the Line6 UX2.
by Spoonmagnets on 2012-01-12 14:27:35.8260

Still nothing.

Re: Lots of strange problems with the Line6 UX2.
by Line6Don on 2012-01-20 10:31:26.5080

Based on the troubleshooting steps you have reported as trying already, it seems as though the problem is with the UX2 hardware unfortunately. Trying it with mulitple computers that are correcty setup with the with current Line 6 drivers and still having a problem, indicates that the problem is most likely the UX2 hardware.

The last thing to try is all of the suggestions on the USB Audio trouble shooting document to see if there are any alterations to the computer you can make to restore the audio:

RE: Lots of strange problems with the Line6 UX2.
by Line6Hugo on 2012-01-27 11:52:43.4970


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