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UX1 slight speaker imbalance?
by Manierrem on 2012-01-08 18:15:35.0930


I really just need someone to confirm something for me or tell me if there is something possibly wrong with my unit. Right now at very low levels on the output know the right channel fires up before the left one. This occurs on both my Sennheiser HD280s via the headphone jack and my Maudio bx5as via the analog outs. both are quite new and I have checed with a friend to be sure that I'm not going deaf or insane. There is nothing in front of either speaker. and they are at the same level.  Drivers were uninstalled and updated last night, but this has been a persistent issue. I've checked (I think) all the balance options and they are all front and center. Running Windows 7, though I have replicated this issue by plugging the UX1 into my mac.

So first, does the UX1 usually do this, with one channel receiving power a hair before the other for whatever reason?

The real issue for me is that after raising the volume to a certain level the level the second speaker starts as well, but I am utterly convinced that it is actually a bit quieter than the left speaker/headphone. My friend has agreed with me on this well. The problem is that when I'm mixing I end up arranging things in such a way that they end up off balance because I'm not gettting an even picture. Tinkering with the balance options in windows with a whole bunch of songs suggests that one speaker or phone is louder than the other when I use the UX1 as a sound card.

Edit:Went through this thread, wasn't able to find an answer but we seem to have a similar issue:">">

What are my options for correcting this sort of issue? Have I forgotten anything obvious? Am I SOL if the UX1 has died?

Re: UX1 slight speaker imbalance?
by Line6Hugo on 2012-01-17 10:04:32.4090

If one side's volume comes up a hair before the other only at very low volumes, this shouldn't be too much of a bother, but if you feel that one side is still quiter than the other at usable volume, then this could be a hardware problem on the unit if you have already re-installed the driver and checked all your connections.

If this is a hardware problem and have tested on a different computer just in case, these units have a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase, are non-repairable, and would need to be replaced.



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