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Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by rodney13 on 2012-01-10 01:09:15.0350

I find it very sad when i read these forums of late and all i seem to read is problems

Whats going on here and dont get me wrong Line 6 or the consumer

Is it a Product problem or is it Computer problems?  touch wood i have had the HD 500 for over 12 months now and not one issue with it on its own or when connected to the computer it runs like a dream in every way so why cant it for others

I tend to believe its more of a computer issue as most people have all soughts of drivers and whatever on ther computers

To me its a bit like Microsoft everybody blames the operating system when something goes wrong and i dont claim to be an expert but i have built and setup my own computers for many years and never had a problem and that includes Microsoft Vista that a lot complained about

When Microsoft design a new operating system im sure they cant test every bit of hardware/software released as by the time they did that the operating system would be old news

Look i know there are the good folk that have purchased a HD product and yes it has got a genuine fault and that does happen

happens with any electrical product  hell ive seen the most expensive televisions give up not long after being purchased

Please dont take me the wrong way but i ask all those HD owners that are having problems and are the ones that are connected to computers being both Fiirmware updates or using the HD edit software to have a look at what else is on the computer that might be causing the problems as i dont feel its all  a line 6 fault  Iknow its a big problem for some but maybe try a reformat and if you still have problems well who knows   One example i had was with a well i guess you could say not genuine version of an  operating system and it was giving all soughts of problems with all kinds of software until i reinstalled genuine then it all worked as it should

Like i said before touch wood  it all works for me just fine so why cant in work for you as well.

All the best HD owners

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by stevecoombs on 2012-01-10 01:32:18.2570

well thank you for your good wishes . .  but surely the point here is that as every computer has a number of different bits of software and so on it is up to the software provider to iron out the glitches not for the customer to try to modify his existing equipment in some way to suit what seems for many at the minute to be a poor product. i posted 4 days ago re the unit/software being unable to update its usb firmware. so far the only replies on my topic are from 6 or 8 other users with an identical problem and also i see plenty of others with the same problem creating their own posts .

up to this minute there are no replies whatever from line 6. i would love to call the helpline but in this forum they say to expect an hours delay - as i live in europe thats not really an option . . .

i think i will take the unit back at the weekend if i do not any reply from line 6

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by rodney13 on 2012-01-10 01:45:00.6440

Yes but im sure when line 6 designed the HD unit and software they tested it all on a basic operating system set up to make sure it all worked as i dont believe they would release a product/software thats only half right it would or could cost them there reputation /name

They dont know whats on your computer that might might be conflicting with their software

Like i said before please dont take me wrong and im not saying that line 6 have got it all right but i dont believe they are the main fault with everybodys computer problems

Sorry to hear that you have a USB firmware update problem  have you thought about trying to maybe reinstall the the USB drivers again  im not saying thats going to fix the problem but somewhere ealier on that driver may have been corrupted  but hey i could be wrong

maybe there is a design fault in the USB connection on the hardware or even the cables  could be a bad batch

or yes it might just be a simple software problem

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by libourne on 2012-01-10 02:34:46.4160

Hi Rodney.

I understand what you're saying, but this problem with the USB firmware seems to affect all kinds of people and Line 6 doesn't even have the decency to acknowledge the fact that there is a problem.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a brand new iMac, I have been using Macs for more than 15 years and I look after my computer. I use Pro Tools and a few other things and it works like a dream. But I can't update the USB firmware, and I have quickly stopped trying for fear of loosing the pod altogether. At least at the moment I can use it as a stand alone.

So there it is, I think the tech support from Line 6 isn't up to scratch and that, even if they can't yet fix the problem they should at least let us know that they're aware of it.

Let's hope that the issue is going to be resolved soon.


Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by Mr_Arkadin on 2012-01-10 02:43:53.4820

rodney13 wrote:

I find it very sad when i read these forums of late and all i seem to read is problems

Well, not to dismiss anyone's problems or the fact that there may be an issue with the latest drivers (I don't know), all I can say is that all the people who don't have problems don't post for obvious reasons. So of course any forum is going to have have more problems than anything else. I for one have no problems, but like most people I'm not going to post about how my update went successfully!

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by michaelmora on 2012-01-10 03:00:25.2230

Uhh, just had 3 BSOD caused by this POD HD500, Just right now. Had to reinstall even my CD-drive a few days ago because of issues caused by this thing. That's fixed now. Now, when using changing foot switches, this insanely loud high pitch noise. On Edit, when I change footswitches, some of the blue effects boxes dissapear at the same time as the high pitch noise starts. This thing sounds amazing, but now its junk.

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2012-01-10 03:11:27.4640

I think there's a bit of a misconception about the Support forums and apparent numbers of problems.

These are Support forums, so you are bound to see people turn up here who are experiencing problems.  You will probably never see a significant number of users ever contribute to the forums at all.  The perception that there are large numbers of problems is therefore bound to be somewhat skewed.

The POD HD300/400/500 range was released on 30 September 2010 and in the intervening 15 months or so, many many thousands of POD HD units will have been sold.  Of those many many thousands a small percentage of users will have been unfortunate enough to have experienced manufacturing issues and faults - I don't know the actual figures, but less than 1% would be a reasonable guess.   Of those thousands of units sold, there will be a percentage of users who will be seeking help with simple problems caused by user error.

The apparent number of users with problems being reported here will inevitably be very small when compared to the number of units sold.

I have noticed a small rise in predominantly Mac users I think in relation to USB issues over the last couple of weeks, so maybe there is some kind of glitch or incompatibility with certain versions of the Mac OS on certain Mac computers and the POD drivers, or maybe there is a certain order of operation to get the POD to communicate with the computer properly thereby allowing line 6 Monkey to do its stuff.

As it's just post Christmas, there are bound to be some new users of the POD HD series who own Mac computers of various types and with various combinations of peripheral and software installed.

At this stage as far as I can tell, there are only a relatively small number of 'anecdotal' tales of potential issues with USB firmware with some POD HD units.  By 'anecdotal' I simply mean that there doesn't seem to be any basis in 100% provable, tested fact in any scientific manner of testing whereby all units apparently exhibiting a problem have been tested under exactly the same identical lab testing conditions by end users and found to have a definite hardware fault - that would be a very difficult thing to achieve at best.

Line 6 do monitor these forums and they do listen to Product Feedback issues.   What, quite rightly, they cannot and will not do is to acknowledge that there is a potential fault until they can actually reproduce that fault repeatedly in their own labs, and for that to happen, the more factual information in the form of a reliable recipe if possible and including ALL aspects of the system being used to reproduce the problem that can be provided, the better the chances of tracing the cause of the problem are.

Simply saying 'I have a problem with a piece of Line 6 gear with my computer and I think it must be due to the Line 6 gear, software or drivers' without something factual to back up those claims neither proves or disproves the validity of those claims.  There are so many variables in play where any computer connectivity is concerned that it is impossible to be sure of anything without proper controlled testing.

It may be that there is a problem somewhere with the POD software/hardware, but that must be tested by Line 6, who will be aware already of any reports of suspected issues and will already be looking into it as far as they can with possibly limited information that's available.   Please provide as much detailed evidence of the problem you are experiencing as you can in order to help diagnose your issue.


Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by TheRealZap on 2012-01-10 04:18:15.7540


one of the largest line6 dealers in europe report less than 1% defect rate for line6

(top right of page)

so if you are looking for problems (a support forum for instance) you'll find them here....

but overallm this link is far more accurate a measure than the number of posts here

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by michaelmora on 2012-01-10 13:30:02.0070

Ok well did I waste 500 dollars?

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by spikey on 2012-01-10 14:39:34.9250

Nick, nice long post...

Can you point to where Line-6 has admitted to issues with the submitted problems here, and said that they were going to fix said issues?

Maybe a sticky or two of these posts from them, to show that they (Line-6) are indeed reading these posts AND responding to them,  might help the masses here realize that they are being paid attention to by other means than just you claiming that they are... Proofs in the pudding...

Just an idea ; )

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by jholmgren on 2012-01-11 16:34:29.7630

Trust me, you didn't waste the money.

I've made many Line6 purchases, some I've been more happy with than others. For the most part the HD500 has worked out great, and is getting even better every few months. I, and several others, had problems 10 months ago with the combination of the device drivers in combination with Mac 10.5.8 in 32-bit mode. I don't remember any official response from Line6 admitting problems, and there were several responses stating there must be a problem with my computer, but the problem ended up being fixed in the next driver update. In the meantime I temporarily rolled back drivers/firmware to a combination that happened to work with my computer, until the fix was released.

Is the problem rate associated with Line6 software/hardware less than or greater than 1%, who knows? Most of us only really care if something bad happens to their configuration, and there could be a large percentage of users that just live with their problems without reporting them. You could look through my posts and see one of my responses saying how Line6 was working perfectly for me and almost everybody else, and then once I started having problems you can see some posts of me asking why Line6 wasn't responding to my problems quickly enough.

What I've learned is that I'm going to have good days and bad days with Line6 products, but that if I'm patient enough I'll almost almost always get my money's worth. My current combination of HD500/DT25 sounds amazing, and definitely not a waste of money. Talk to me on a bad day, when I'm having technical problems with it, and I might answer differently. However, once the problems are fixed I'll change back.

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-01-11 17:47:08.5540

The line 6 editor is beautiful, but I think it has more bugs than what I've learned to expect from Line 6 regardless what anybody says. The POD HD is solid on it's own, but Line 6 has to either rewrite the Edit program or fix the main issue where the edit can cause hangups or serious damage to the POD.

To be specific the HD500 edit has caused my POD HD500 to go into startup loops with no sound and I had to reset the Hardware using the left arrow on several occasions. Sure I figured out the problem to be relatedt to my Windows XP issue becuase I used a registry program to improve XP performance but instead my HD Edit started  to get real wacky. It happened almost three times in one day until I restored my ghost image backup.  Whatever the reason may be an editor should  not be able to damage the firmware under any condition!! I do realize that the HD500 is a complex machine, but I don't need all the graphics on the editor, just give me a basic editor where I don't have to worry about crashing my POD when using the editor. I'm 100% sure that my POD isn't defective because it responded to the left arrow powerup thing and it's in perfect order.  All the issues that I'm aware of from other people is when using the POD PC or Mac edit. If I didn't frequent this forum, I would've probably returned my POD to a service center as defective and cost myself and line6 time and money. So line 6 should get this editor issue fixed by either rewriting the editor or starting a new basic editor from scratch.

Sure the odds are that people who use editors most likely will connect to this forum and figure something before sending units back but at this point I'm hoping that someone else would come up with a basic simple editor without all the fancy drag and drop etc and I would stop using the line 6 editor. I honestly can't believe I'm saying this because I've been using line 6 since the first POD with Sound Diver editor and I don't understand why this HD editor is capable of crippling the PODs. I've never heard of corrupt patches! Now a corrupt patch can cuase serious damage to any POD. That's a bit concerning, but in the end of the day I'm starting to look at the POD HD when connected to the computer the same way I look at my PC and expect anything to happen, still if you're not connected to a computer I absolutely have no fear of any issues so let's all be honest and be truthful hoping that will make someone at line 6 realize how much of a priority the issue with the editor is.

I love the HD and if I have to use the unit front Panel instead of the PC editor I will to keep enjoying the sounds I'm getting out of it,  but for the time being I'm taking the risk using the buggy editor as it seems that there are some measures that can be taken such as the left arrow for hardware reset or down arrow to reinstall firmware if the editor decided not to get along with my operating system and throw my HD a curve ball..

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by BulldogXTRM on 2012-01-11 18:53:22.5070

Let me say something on this.

First let me give you some background on myself. I'm a computer forensics examiner and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer as well. I know how to troubleshoot a problem on a computer and have had not a single problem on my current computer until Line 6 HD500 drivers and HD edit was installed.

My computer audio system has worked well.There are no problems with anything until I start editing patches on my HD500 with HD edit, then a BANSHEE swoops down into my audio system and she screams until I pull the plug on my HD500. I have also had numerous BSOD's because of the l6podhd564.sys driver causing a fault in what appears to be memory paging and this is causing a fault in the ntoskrnl.exe.

ntoskrnl.exe (and ntkrnlpa.exe on systems with Physical Address Extension support) is the kernel image for the family of Microsoft Windows NT operating systems. It provides the Kernel and Executive layers of the Windows NT kernel space, and is responsible for various system services such as hardware virtualization, process and memory management, etc., thus making it a fundamental part of the system. It contains the Cache Manager, the Executive, the Kernel, the Security Reference Monitor, the Memory Manager, and the Scheduler, among other things.

There is absolutely a problem with the current HD Edit Software/HD500 Firmware/Driver combination that is simply poorly written computer code. This has also occurred in customer's systems with Windows XP and one Mac user that I'm aware of.

Below is a link to my problem thread.">">

I've had one response from Line 6 on this problem... !!!!!!!

It was a generic response that said to make sure I'm not putting the computer in standby/sleep mode, Common sense would have told anyone that if I'm currently USING the damn computer to edit a patch in the HD edit software, this couldn't possibly be the problem.

Phone support has created a ticket after I threatened to report Line 6 to the BBB but I haven't heard a damn thing else except that I should restore my operating system file "ntoskrnl.exe" from my Windows installation disc. Guess what? I did and it didn't fix a damn thing. Then I was told that I should try a different computer. Pure BS. Guess what? I did that too and it still happens.

No..., Line 6 needs to addres the problems and and fix this issue. This is not a consumer enduced problem, it is a problem with computer code written by Line 6 and they need to own up to the problem and repair it instead of trying to avoid the problem all together.

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by michaelmora on 2012-01-11 19:14:09.8640

Yup. I got my PD HD500 on Dec, 25th, 2011. Yeah, less than 2 weeks ago. Everything was great until the latest update. Ever since, this stupid loud squeal is triggered when using the footswitches, even when not on Edit. This POD already game me 4 BSODs, even had to do a BIOS update and reinstall all drivers including the CD-drive. Last Line 6 product I buy. I still have to write a review on this hahaha....FIX IT!

Re: Problems problems and more problems, Whats going on?
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-01-11 19:47:28.9240

Fro the time being you should try the "press left arrow  as you power on the unit" if you haven't already. It resets the hardware so you have to recaliberate the unit. I had a different problem where the pod was stock in a startup loop with no sound. and that fixed it.  Use the earlier driver as it seems that is the problem for many and that's when my problem occurred so I rolled the driver back and all was good. Then I decidedt ot update to and on occasions I do hear some annoying buzzing sound and no sqeeling. I thought it was my sound card, but I will go back to until this issue is resolved.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.