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XDS 95 dropouts
by burned_free on 2012-01-10 14:06:10.0110

I got an X2 XDS 95 last December.

I have used it live app. 10 times and a few times in practice.  7 of those times it worked fine.  No issues.

Issue 1 was a signal loss that occurred when I walked...maybe 30' away from the receiver but came back on when I got back to within about 10'.  I didn't think I was outside of the given range of the unit, but whatever...I was willing to let that one go as I don't normally walk too far away from my receiver.

My main issue is that it has cut out on me twice during live performances.  I can't really tell you what caused it since I wasn't in a position to mess with it either time.  I just instinctively grabbed the spare cable from my gig bag, plugged in and kept rolling.  Both times I was within 5 feet of the receiver when the signal loss occurred.  I've never had this issue using it in practice and have not used it live since the second incident..

Any idea what caused this or what I can do to correct it?

Re: XDS 95 dropouts
by burned_free on 2012-01-11 08:01:52.0930

I should add that both in both instances I was playing on fresh batteries.

Re: XDS 95 dropouts
by dboomer on 2012-01-11 08:13:43.1800

You may be experiencing interference.  Have you tried switching channels?

Also you cannot use XDS in the presence of any X2 Plus models (unless they are switched into single chanel mode) as the frequencies will conflict.

Re: XDS 95 dropouts
by burned_free on 2012-01-13 13:46:02.0670

I didn't try switching channels.  The first time it happened I was mid-song filling in for a band and playing in front of about 400 people, so I couldn't very well sit there and mess with it.

When it happened the second time I was pretty much over it and just fighting the urge to smash the darn thing.

I can see where intereference could have been an issue the first time as we were also running Line 6 in-ear monitors at the time.  The second time there were no other wireless units running though.

Thanks for the reply.

Re: XDS 95 dropouts
by dboomer on 2012-01-13 13:58:56.0350

The second time there were no other wireless units running though.

Are you sure?  They don't have to be wireless mics.  They could be wireless DMX lighting controllers, smart power meters on the outside of the building or wireless heating and air conditioning controllers (or cordless phones, baby monitors or garage door openers).

The best thing to do is to check it out before you play.  Turn on the receiver but don't turn on the transmitter.  Now switch between channels and look for the RF LEDs to light up.  Your best bet is to stay on a channel that has no or very little LED activity with the transmitter turned off.

Re: XDS 95 dropouts
by burned_free on 2012-01-17 11:27:43.2420

Good to know.  It's hard to test it since I have never had the issue in my rehearsal space and I really don't feel like taking a chance on this thing again live.

Anyway, thanks for the input.  I appreciate it.

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