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Help with pod xt volume
by xrezraptorx on 2012-01-11 13:05:54.3430

I'm starting to get really frustrated.  I'm having several problem and was hoping you guys could help me out

1.  I use mixcraft as recording software and I can't hear my guitar when my pod is plugged in, however, it does record if I play it back.  How can I hear it while I'm recording

2.  When I plug in my pod xt via usb my sound shuts off completely from my speakers until I unplug the pod xt, it then goes back to normal.  (Note:  I have high definition speaker plugged into the headphone jack on my computer.  I also have all the drivers for the pod installed.

Help would be much appreciated, I'm starting to get really frustrated, and considering selling my pod if I can't get these issues fixed.  Thank you very much in advance

Re: Help with pod xt volume
by TheRealZap on 2012-01-11 13:18:11.2450

you simply need the speakers plugged into the XT.....

this is the way that ASIO/recording drivers work....

you can't record on one soundcard and playback on another...

because then you have the timing controlled by 2 independent devices... causing latency and other digital artifacts... not to mention a slowdown in your system overall....

you can get an A/B type selector switch... typically used for toggling between headphones and speaker to streamline the setup if you HAVE to go back and forth....

this isn't a line6 limitation though... all ASIO audio soundcard interfaces require that the input/output occurs on a single piece of hardware.

Re: Help with pod xt volume
by Line6david on 2012-01-18 16:12:14.2360

+1 to Zap,

The POD XT is intended to replace the sound card in your computer. It is recommended that you disable your internal sound card and connect your speakers directly to the POD XT.



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