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UX2 output levels
by bhaynswo on 2012-01-11 22:14:41.2960

Hey all, got my UX2 in tonight and I just finished installing all drivers and connecting my monitors to the output. It sounds great, but am curious what the optimal setting for the output knob is (if there is one). Right now I have the output on the UX2 maxed, and am just controlling the levels through my computer. Is this okay to do? Or should I leave it a bit lower?

Re: UX2 output levels
by ruairiau on 2012-01-12 01:02:33.3170

I'd do it the other way round for safety reasons. Having that master volume knob maxed out will mean that if your computer output levels are changed, then you're gonna burst your eardrums when that blasts you. Also, not everything gets routed through the master volume in windows (e.g. recording software via ASIO).

Your UX2 is a soundcard, it will play back all windows sounds; not just POD Farm - keep that in mind; you don't want to have to adjust each program e.g. window media player, itunes, pod farm to control the general output level. I have the output set in pod farm to 0dB. I then adjust the output on the device to a reasonable listening volume.

Hope that helps.

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