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A/D/A Conversion
by vivitools on 2012-01-12 03:20:31.0450

I have an all analog signal chain and if I add backtrack as the last element in the chain then does signal undergo A/D/A conversion?


Re: A/D/A Conversion
by darealagentp on 2012-01-18 18:01:33.9410

Yes, it does. Being a digital recorder, plugging any audio signal into and then out of the Backtrack will feed that signal through A/D/A conversion.

Now, if the Backtrack is post "amplification/monitoring", then I think your concern might be negligible. Because you'd be capturing the analog signal before it. My statement above assumes you have it last in a chain of devices (effects pedals) but still prior to a tube amplifier, for example. The amp will then "hear" a digital converted signal, yes.

Re: A/D/A Conversion
by vivitools on 2012-01-20 22:42:10.8040

Thanks for the clarification! One last question on this subject:

There's a lot of confusion in terms of how much A/D/A conversion affects the overall sound and in the end its our ears that must guide us, but technically being the designer of such products, how much is the real loss?

Most of us have grown up listening to digital sounds(except for the analog tapes) don't even mostly know how analog really sounds...

Also you mentioned for post amplification it is negligible, but if before an amp then it might have some once again, how much? does it matter? Is it audible? Would people adept at the craft of listening to rich tone colours figure out such subtle differences...

I promise to not ask any more question on this subject...

Thanks once again for the clarification.


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