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X2 wirless transmitter problems
by emailchrismoll on 2012-01-16 12:51:16.7070

I own 3 line 6 x2 wirless ststems.  I recently has my guitar equiped with active emgs running at 27 volts.(which according to emgs websight is perfectly fine to do)  After I plugged this guitar into my trasnmitters, ALL 3 stopped working.  I went back to running my emgs at 18 volts and was able to find a spare transmitter on ebay, but I still have 3 now useless transmitters which I normally would use for easy switching of guitars at gigs.  I took them into an authorized line 6 repair center and they charged me $50 just for a repair estimate.  After 2 weeks they called me and told me that there are no schematics and no replacement parts that are made anymore-they said they are unrepairable.  Also the phone number on the praduct manual to reach x2 is disconnected. What can I do?  I'm a huge line 6 sopporter, and this is the only product that has ever failed me.

other line 6 products i have purchased

currently own:

2 line 6 hd147 amp heads

4 line 6 cabinets w celestion 30's

1 line 6 hd400 bass amp head

3 line 6 x2 wirless systems

1 spider iv practice amp

previously owned:

1 pod

1 pod 2.0

1 pod pro

Re: X2 wirless transmitter problems
by darealagentp on 2012-01-17 10:37:14.3440

1. Which X2 series wireless systems are these? (XDR-95, XDS-Plus, XDS-95)?

2. Where these purchased new from a dealer? If so, from which one/when and (hopefully) do you still have the purchase receipt?

Re: X2 wirless transmitter problems
by emailchrismoll on 2012-01-24 13:28:00.3870

i have 2 xds-plus units and one xdr95. These were all purchased new from American Musical Supply and from Musicians Friend. I'm not sure if i still have the recipt info becasue it was a while ago, but i can probably find it if I look through my old emails.  Now even if they are out of warranty, I would still like to see if these can be fixed, even though they are out of profuction I still prefer the X2 units to the newer relay models.

Any help would be great.  Thanks

Re: X2 wirless transmitter problems
by Line6Hugo on 2012-02-02 14:52:31.9480

As mentioned, these units are no longer repairable as there are no longer any replacement parts for them, and it sounds like the27 volt modification of the EMG pickups is what broke these units that are designed for an instrument level guitar signal.  The standard 9 volt EMG pickups send out a pretty hot signal, and adding 2 more batteries for hotter output just may have been too much for it.  This does not sound like a warranty repair, even if it was under the warranty period of 2 years from the date of purchase because of the input level signal being fed into the units is what damaged it.

You called earlier in December about this and were directed to an authorized service center to see if they could fix it at the component level, but it sounds like they could not.  At this point, you may have to search for used replacements.



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