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Pocket POD and newer products
by Geberten on 2012-01-17 14:35:36.7640

Hi all,

i am a beginner and have few questions on the POD products. I have recently bought the Pocket POD and love it!

1a) Does anyone have experience with Pocket POD, POD HD and POD 2.0?

1b) Which of the 3 POD products is the best for make/play Metal-Music?

1c) Is there a big difference in the quality of the tone/sound between the 3 POD products?

2) Does anyone have some advice/information/URL on the 3 POD products?

Thank you all for your help.

Regrds from Germany-Cologne,

Serkan (aka Geberten)

Re: Pocket POD and newer products
by bluebluetones on 2012-01-17 18:43:13.0720

The POD 2.0 and Pocket Pod use the exact same modeling technology.  The 2.0 is handy in that you can do all the editing with the on-board controls.

The Pocket Pod has all the same editing options, but some of it must be accessed by a computer-based editor called Vysex. Same amps modeled on the 2.0 and Pocket POD.

The HD line is completely different modeling technology.  Although both the 2.0 and the HD might both have a Marshall simulation, they are going to sound different.  Most people will agree the HD models are more accurate, but each listener has their own favorites.  Although the 2.0 is quite old by today's standards, it still has a place in a lot of player's hearts!  You will have to listen to decide.  Or try surfing on the web, but be prepared for a lot of different opinions...there's no shortage of reviews and opinions on guitar tone using Line 6 products.

...for that reason, you should try to listen to decide on your own.

They are all excellent PODs, and if you spend a tiny bit of time with them you can get stellar tones on any of their products.

Re: Pocket POD and newer products
by Geberten on 2012-01-18 02:53:03.6170

Thank you lcurrell for your advice and information.

There is soo much to learn for me, soo many things i do not know. I will do some more search on the internet and listen to the sound of  each POD to make my own opinion.


Serkan (aka Geberten)

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