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Used POD X3 Live (Safe) Purchasing?
by Digirock on 2012-01-18 06:00:44.3150

Hi everyone. I'm going to purchase an used Pod X3 Live and I'd want to know if it's safe (relating to footswitches issues ad USB audio dropout) to buy a unit with the serial number (21) X3L2S 5743 XXXXXX

Is the "L2S" safer than the "L1" ? I've read footswithes issues start at L1S 5749 and USB audio drop out at 59XX

Thanks in advance.

Re: Used POD X3 Live (Safe) Purchasing?
by silverhead on 2012-01-18 06:31:43.8390

I don't believe the L2 vs. L1 is significant. I think it's only the numbers after the X3yyS that matter. There has never been an official statement from Line 6 on the cutoff serisl numbers in each case.The serial numbers 5749 and 59xx that you mention have been cited in this forum previously by users but have never been confirmed (nor, interestingly, denied) by Line6.

I would ask the owner if the fixes have been applied. And in both cases, since there is a lifetime warranty, you will get these problems resolved if they occur. All it will cost you is the inconvenience, and perhaps shipping charges if you are not near an authorized Line 6 service centre.

Re: Used POD X3 Live (Safe) Purchasing?
by Digirock on 2012-01-18 06:59:03.2150

Ok many thanks for the detailed answer!

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