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big question about Stomp feature for Spider IV fbv
by rscriz84 on 2012-01-19 19:01:36.5940

I notice a bit of a lag when switching between banks on the fbv floorboard pedal. I notice the stomp button on the fbv floorboard...and assume you can get use that as a lagless distortion...but i don't know how to do that. is it something about holding the tap tempo and moving the gain knob or does that not work on the spider iv. I basically need information on how to do this. I play songs where I switch constantly out of distortion back to clean and vice versa. The lag is a big problem and I need to know how to use the stomp feature on the pedal. Please help me

Re: big question about Stomp feature for Spider IV fbv
by fflbrgst on 2012-01-20 05:28:22.4730

Which Spider IV amp are you using?  Is this the FBV SHortboard Mk II, or a different controller?  The 'stomp' feature on the controller accesses the stomp fx on the amp - adjustments to any sound are done in the amp, the pedal merely controls the amp.

You should not be experiencing any 'lag' when switching channels - first thing I would check is the CAT5 cable.  If you have access to another one, try it.

Re: big question about Stomp feature for Spider IV fbv
by rscriz84 on 2012-01-20 08:03:31.9600

I'm using the spider IV 150watt combo. I assumed the stomp would be using to control the gain. So if you have the effect set for metal...with the gain can make the stomp button act as the button you hit to get more gain...or distortion... or is that not the case? The cat5 cable i got is brand new and came with the pedal. Everything i got is brand new. The amp works great....the pedal seems to do everything that it says it does according to reading the manuals. I guess i could assume it's the cable...but before I get another cable...i guess i'm trying to figure out if the stomp button acts as a gain boost just to be sure.

Re: big question about Stomp feature for Spider IV fbv
by rscriz84 on 2012-01-20 08:05:34.9250

Also....what is Stomp FX? Is that gain related?

Re: big question about Stomp feature for Spider IV fbv
by fflbrgst on 2012-01-20 10:43:09.3620

I tried to verify the Stomp feature on your amp - only to find that the manuals linked to in the new format website here are for Spider III, not Spider IV and the FBV manuals aren't there at all (DUH, Line 6!)  As the instructions are the same for all the Spider IVs from 75 and up, I assume what I see in my 75 manual is applicable to the 150 as well, and I am guessing that the Stomp button actually activates the Boost FX, which can be set to be Pre-amp or Post-amp and you can set how much boost you want.

My comments regarding lag when you switch channels are still good, though.  have you updated the flash memory in the FBV and amp yet?  This may cure the problem.

Re: big question about Stomp feature for Spider IV fbv
by rscriz84 on 2012-01-20 11:44:08.1110

I'm not really looking for a volume boost...but for a "gain" boost where the clean sound becomes more distorted. This was a feature apparently on the old line 6 spider ii...where you hold the tap tempo button while turning the gain knob up.....and that would make it so the stomp feature on the fbv floorboard would act sort of as a button to access distortion or clean all within one bank. I'm read that the spider iv...regardless of the firmware updates or any updates....still has a lag between switching between banks. It's not the biggest lag...but for someone like definitely is a problem. Line 6 employees say it's just the way of the amp...or something like that. But if the stomp button allows for the ability to place distortion on a somewhat clean channel....then i'd be fine. Hopefully you can help me with that. Thank you.    

Re: big question about Stomp feature for Spider IV fbv
by pillbug on 2012-01-26 15:48:21.7320

Have you tried using a shorter RJ45 cable? I know the cable that came with my Shortboard FBV is like 50 feet long when I only need it to be about 3 feet. Not sure if that will cut your lag time, but you could try?

Also by the way, do you have the Shortbard FBV? The Stomp button is an on/off toggle for your FX1. So if you dial your FX1 to be a distortion. compressor, or screamer type drive effect, then you can use Stomp to turn that effect on or off.

Also, on the Shortboard anyway, there is another button called Function 1, and its function is an on/off toggle for the Boost Vol function. Which gives you extra gain.

The Boost Vol function is one of the functions as you scroll from left to right on the display - after FX1, FX2, FX3, Reverb, etc... one of the options will be Boost Vol and you can dial in the amount of Pre Gain and Post Gain you want. Then the Function 1 button on the board will turn your boost on or off. Play around with it, but I think the Pre Boost amount is what you want to give you grit/drive that you're looking for. FWIW, I think this is what you're referring to in the older amps having to hold Tap and turn the knob - the new Spider IV has this information accessible via the LCD (as I noted above) as opposed to the older non-LCD amps where you had to hold tap and turn the knob.

Hope that helps?

Re: big question about Stomp feature for Spider IV fbv
by Line6Don on 2012-02-03 10:10:05.4920

The Stomp button on the FBV shortboard will turn the FX1 effect on and off. To do what you would like to do:

-Set the amp model to Metal.

-Dial back the gain for your low gain setting.

-Adjust the FX 1 dial so that it is set between 6pm and 10pm, this will ensure that the gain based effect is selected.

-Once you adjust the FX1 dial you will see a percentage value of the effect and the current effect model, adjusting the dial between 6pm and 10pm will give you essentially 0-100% of the effect. While the effect model is still displayed on the screen, you can roll the presets knob left or right to select a different effect model. Select one of the distortion type effects and readjust the FX1 knob to taste.

-Save the preset.

Now you can have a low gain metal setting, and press stomp on the shortboard and kick on the distortion pedal for more gain.

RE: big question about Stomp feature for Spider IV fbv
by Line6Hugo on 2012-02-09 17:19:53.1570


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