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Mobile In- with Wah and Volume Pedal
by cropmusik on 2012-01-23 12:15:32.9400

Just sharing how I connect to Mobile In via an iPad2:

Guitar to Modtone wah (great wah pedal) - out to the iPad via the Mobile in 1/4 inch end into the iPad via the Mobile in dock connector.

Audio out via the iPad headphone jack (via a 1/8 mini plug Y splitter) into a stereo Boss FV-50 Volume pedal and then out of this into either a mixer (panned hard left and right) or into a keyboard amp (use 2 channels and pan one hard left and one hard right)

Sound is perfect--- I think I have chased the muse and found the simple set up- with a touch interface (I mount the iPad on a mic stand with the iKlip from IK Multimedia)- that I have been wanting for a LONG TIME.

Re: Mobile In- with Wah and Volume Pedal
by bartchilders on 2012-02-03 10:05:27.0820

How do you manage your presets? You must make a sequential lists in set order, I'm guessing?

Re: Mobile In- with Wah and Volume Pedal
by cropmusik on 2012-02-05 10:26:54.4160


Name them by song title, use a leading number etc.

Actually really EZ.

I am having a problem getting RID of an unwanted User tone though for some reason!

Re: Mobile In- with Wah and Volume Pedal
by cropmusik on 2012-02-09 19:45:00.1670

Just thought I would share a picture. I used a plastic display case for a 4-pack of ratchet tie-downs from Home Depot, glued and screwed meatal plates in for looks and sturdiness and applied rubber feet to the base.The left pedal is a Boss volume pedal (2 lines in from the iPad and then 2 lines back out to a mixer), the right pedal is a wah (guitar in to the wah and out to the iPad via the Line 6 special 6 foot connector/Mobile In.

I know we need some software tweaks to the app but man the sound is SO good and the fundamentals of this app ROCKVolume and wah iPad with Mobile In.jpg. Let's let Line 6 absorb our feedback and hope we get some enhancements soon.

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