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Line 6 TonePort POD Studio UX2 PROBLEMS.
by Chardie on 2012-01-27 07:31:01.6730

I am having an incredibly annoying issue with my UX2 USB interface. It works with output to headphones and input with a guitar / mic, but the problem is with the bursts of white noise. Now before anyone refers / reminds me about existing topics on this issue, I must point out that I have tried all suggestions to fix it and cannot at all find much improvement. Ive used all types of drivers, changed all the buffer sizes available in the software, and windows options (from 44100/16 --> 48000/24) to NO avail. I do run a custom built PC with Windows 7 which is usually 24/7 overclocked without an issue, but having reset to stock settings and all kinds of configurations with all of the latter settings, I just cant have a nice uninterrupted experience with this and my ears are bleeding from the torture of enduring shockwaves of brain-shattering noise.

- Is it possible that the hardware itself is faulty?

Circumstances which include white noise bursts are only specifically when audio is initiated from a program, such as:

- my studio programs (FL Studio, etc)

- multiple media programs (VLC, Windows Media Player Classic Home Theater x64)

- music applications (iTunes, etc)

- games (Skyrim, etc)

Im not even able to watch movies of all qualities and formats (cant even watch a good 1080p with DTS) or use anything involving sound, and is forcing my opinion to be that the money I spent on this interface was a total waste. I ditched my PCI-E sound card for this because it was only capable of analog, couldnt support good proper speakers, and actually produced a bit of distortion - plus I needed this interface to connect a pair of $500-a-piece studio monitors (but Im not going to with this issue at hand).

I dont want to have to buy another interface, and I was relying on Line6 for quality, aesthetics and funcitonality. Someone, please help me with this as I can no longer endure the painful screams being shouted at me thru this box.

Side-note: I did purchase it from overseas (shipped from USA to AUS) but it was brand new out of the box with no damage and was well wrapped and all. I doubt shipping caused internal damage to a solid state board, but I could be wrong.

Re: Line 6 TonePort POD Studio UX2 PROBLEMS.
by Chardie on 2012-01-28 10:55:54.7470


This is the second unanswered post Ive submitted to this forum about my interface.
I am honestly having THE MOST terrible experience with my Toneport UX2. In the last 2 days it has progressively gotten worse and worse, to the point where watching a simple .avi video file presents white noise, distortion, and artefacting every ~10 SECONDS - to the point where I have to unplug it and walk away.

I would dearly love an answer as to why these problems keep reoccuring. I have done everything there is to do to try and make the sound work normally, and followed all guidelines posted on similar topics for similar problems, but it is all to no avail. I cannot do anything with this interface as it is seriously destroying my ears, and have to revert to a crappy analog soundcard just to get any sound, which is totally voiding the point of why I bought this interface in the first place.
If a solution cannot be found or if a simple reply cannot even be posted then Im afraid I will eventually have lost all faith in your company and products, where this interface reigns as the most expensive and most faulty hardware Ive ever bought.

Re: Line 6 TonePort POD Studio UX2 PROBLEMS.
by Line6david on 2012-01-31 11:43:03.5000


White noise is usually attributed to a USB audio device not getting enough power. Are you connecting the UX2 to a USB hub? Have you tried different ports and cables? Do you have "power saving" opinions selected in your motherboard's BIOS? Have you updated your motherboard and video card? Have you overclocked anything or installed any hardware in your custom PC that could draw power away from the USB ports on the motherboard? If you connect the UX2 to another computer does it exhibit the same behaviour? Please look over our USB Audio Troubleshooting Guide:">">



Line 6 Customer Support

Re: Line 6 TonePort POD Studio UX2 PROBLEMS.
by Chardie on 2012-02-03 21:15:26.4670

Thanks for the reply.

- Its not on a hub,

- I dont have any other cables as it is an uncommon USB cable type, and didnt/shouldnt need to go buy another just to test that. Its a brand new cable  with the brand new interface and couldnt possibly have worn out/broken...
- No power saving options are on, as I am putting all the power/stability I can into the overclock, which by the way is completely stable and presents no issues.

- Drivers are always up to date. When probelms started, I double checked AND reinstalled new drivers for everything anyway.

- I dont have another PC to try this out on, but Ill see what I can do to try it out.

- and finally, I do overclock. Drawing the power away from motherboard components for the CPU and otherwise seems entirely possible. I have the ability in my BIOS to increase the voltage on the southbridge which would give more power to the components suffering voltage loss (such as USB ports), and as such have tried small increasing increments. I didnt want to increase any voltages until someone actually suggested that I was probably suffering voltage loss across the board.

[EDIT]: So far, with any change in motherboard USB voltages and otherwise is having zero effect. I have at this point literally tried everything, including any suggestions put forward by Line6 and can only sum it up to this - either my motherboard is faulty in the way it delivers stable constant power to the USB slots (although I dont have any other USB problems) or the interface is faulty. I played an .avi file yesterday which presented white noise every 10 seconds or less, and in comparison a YouTube video will blurt white noise every 5 minutes or so. In my studio program (FL 10) It doesnt happen at all some sessions, and other sessions it will be unbearable.

Either way, my ears hurt and I have suffered too many headaches with this thing and I dont know if I have any options left other than to get a new computer or a new interface or both, something I dont really want to do either way.

Since I bought this interface from the US and had it sent here to to AUS, I dont see an RMA happening. What options do I have, assuming my computer legitimately isnt at fault?

Reason for editing: Nothing worked.
Reason for extra edit: What even!?!?!?

I found this which was one of those regular windows flags outlining issues with my PC. I usually disregard them as Ive already dealt with whatever it says.... although this is what I found. [Direct copy-paste from the proposed 'problem']

Search for a driver for Line 6 TonePort UX2

Your version of Line 6 TonePort UX2 isn't compatible with this version of Windows.

Which version of Windows am I using?

You are using Windows 7.

Line6 may have upgrades or other possible solutions to help make this device compatible with this version of Windows.

So because Im using windows 7, I am therefore incompatible with this entirely? Thats quite a large problem if its true because Win7 has been out for a while now and another windows OS is on its way. Im not going to revert to WinXP or something just to be a little more compatible either. Windows could be wrong and Line6 couldve designed the drivers for Windows 7 (I would hope, because the website driver download says it is) but Windows is saying otherwise and since Im having these problems, Im kinda taking Windows' side here. I am even entirely suspecting that the drivers are bad.

Re: Line 6 TonePort POD Studio UX2 PROBLEMS.
by Line6Don on 2012-02-17 08:45:10.7160

You did not clarify whether or not you have tried it with all available USB ports or not. With a custom built PC it could be possible that some ports work better than others. In addition, trying another USB cable is still a valid suggestion as cables can go bad.

Based on the information you have provided so far, it seems as though the problem occurs with more memory intensive tasks on the computer, looking at your comptuer specs you only have 2GB of RAM so I would suggest that you optimize your Windows 7 computer for performance to provide more resources for your computer to stream audio. Microsoft has official instructions on how to do so available at the link below:">">

If you are still experiencing this noise, I think it would be a good idea to try the UX2 on another computer to see if the problem is the UX2 hardware itself. To do so install the latest drivers onto the test computer to ensure the UX2 is properly set up. Test it by running it through tasks where you would normally experience the white noise to see if it happens on the second computer, if it does, the problem is most likely with the UX2 USB port connection.

Re: Line 6 TonePort POD Studio UX2 PROBLEMS.
by tr2036 on 2012-02-18 10:10:12.6280


I have the same problem...I am no technical expert...but  a friend who works with computers noticed that Blackberrys and other similar devices cause interference with digital recording equipment...and I noticed this  too.....specifically when using a zoom H2 handheld digital recorder a concert...if someone nearby is using a Blackberry or similar device...distortion ..'bursts of white noise' are heard when the zoom H2 digital recording  is played back....the problem we are facing may be related to people nearby using Blackberrys...the problem with  the Line 6 is that one can record a track...and the white noise bursts are not heard when that recorded track is  played other words...the noise is not part of the recording itself ..but is interfereing with playback....this is only an guess...but perhaps Line 6 was designed by engineers unaware interference could occur... if interference is caused by there a way to add 'shielding' to the Line 6 hardware or cables ?   ...(like when an AM radio station is heard when  using an unshielded guitar cable or pickup ...see link ...

RE: Line 6 TonePort POD Studio UX2 PROBLEMS.
by Line6Don on 2012-02-22 11:07:05.9110

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