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Help - Cannot Authorize My Dell XPS (Win7)
by sjpickthall on 2012-01-28 07:49:05.1960

Hi All!

Okay, so now I have spent over two hours messing with this thing. All I wanted to do was play my guitar.  I installed and downloaded POD Farm,  per the video and advice found here:

Back and forth between 2.02 then 2.51 on various installs, not to mention having to reboot at least three times to finalize drivers. Then managed to get the line monkey and license manager running and authorize the UX2.

But I cannot authorize my Dell Computer. It is a brand new XPS with an i7 CPU running Windows 7.

Error message: "Error attempting to authorize your device. 0xfd from server - internal server error."

SO ... how can I get a support ticket?? And how can I fix this so I can play my guitar with it? Note: I can hear windows sounds - including the install video - through headphones plugged into the UX2. But no response from the guitar input.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Help - Cannot Authorize My Dell XPS (Win7)
by laplayantonio on 2012-01-31 04:02:05.9300

you need starting Podfarm 2.5 and select 'Instrument' in the input selection of the MIXER window


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