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Spider IV 150 with EMG 81/85 Issues
by stb3222 on 2012-01-28 15:50:50.4150

Hey guys, I hope some one here can help out. I have the spider IV 150. One of my guitars ( Ibanez MTM2 ) with active Duncan pickups works great and sounds amazing but my other guitar an Epiphone Zakk Wyle Les Paul with EMG 81/85 is having some issues but only on this amp. When I use the neck pickup the all is well but when I switch to the bridge pickup the volume cuts out when turning volume past 5 or 6, no sound at all. The strangest part of this is when I take the guitar and play it through any other amp it works fine. Any thoughts?

Re: Spider IV 150 with EMG 81/85 Issues
by Tojo89 on 2012-04-06 20:57:37.2850

Hey there stb3222 I find this post somewhat very identical to my situation. I have(ZW) EMG 81 85 pick ups as well. I built my guitar and wired it all myself. Now when I finshed I had this same exact problem. Mind you I have a line 6 Spider III 30watt. I would Crank the guitar get great sound past 7 it would cut out on both pickups bridge and neck. First inital thought was "Ok I didn't ground properly" after many refrences back to the wiring diagram and much troubleshooting, I gave up. I had my guitar hooked straight to the amp no pedals nothing..So one day I decided too give it a go one more time, but this time I had all my pedals hooked up. It would crank to 10. I figured hm..stroke of luck. Tonight It cut out on me. My solder actually came loose. But when I resoldered my wire, and plugged it in. It was doing the same thing again..cutting out at 7. I began to become overly fustrated, so I checked my cables. Assumed maybe too much curling on the wire caused my input cords to short out. Nothing. So I decided to hook my pedals. It would crank to 10...I was and still somewhat now overly confused, but then I did some trial and error's I have an RP 80 model processor, so I figured maybe digitech is making my amp gain that extra sound. So I figured its because of the model processor ( since the amps tend to get a bit louder with pedals) it was just allowing me to hear it. So I took off my digitech only kept my RC 2 loop station plugged in, and it would magically crank to 10.

You should try using one pedal into your set up. And see if it continues to cut out. Maybe its a defect in Spider Amps that cannot handle the pots or even the pickup's..odd. This was going off of a whim when my Girlfriend randomly said "Maybe its too powerful" I laughed to myself, but lol be hold she gave me some insight.

Re: Spider IV 150 with EMG 81/85 Issues
by fflbrgst on 2012-04-09 06:35:59.1650

When you guys mention that the sound cuts out when you crank it to 5/6 or 7 - is this amp volume, or the guitar control volume?

These are active pickups (battery power), right?  If the volume cuts out when you turn up the guitar volume, it would be due to the increased voltage from the guitar not being within the amp's input range.  If it is the amp volume, it doesn't make much sense.

Either way, this issue should be brought to Line 6's attention!

Re: Spider IV 150 with EMG 81/85 Issues
by HairBear on 2012-09-17 16:33:56.2890

Thank the gods I had found this thread! I have this exact same problem. I have EMG's and a Spider IV 75. I wonder if it could be a battery voltage level thing? Another thing I noticed is the pickup will sound out for a fraction of a second when strummed or plucked very hard.

Re: Spider IV 150 with EMG 81/85 Issues
by sludlow3 on 2012-09-18 09:57:45.7670

I have an Ibanez with SD blackouts that I wired myself and have never had a problem on my spider iv 75. But unlike emgs, it's useless to do an 18 volt mod. Now I've seen a few threads about this already and it's always with emgs, which makes me wonder If people with these problems have done the 18volt mod and neglect to say It thInkIng It shouldnt make a dIfference. Not sayIng It should have an effect on  the amp, but just somthIng to be curIous about.

Re: Spider IV 150 with EMG 81/85 Issues
by fflbrgst on 2012-09-18 12:36:02.5820

This definitely sounds like a voltage or impedance problem.  Evidently the active pickups put out a signal that overdrives the input circuit on the amp, causing it to cut out.  The simple solution, as proposed above is to put a stompbox pedal in the signal chain, which will act as a conditioner - jsut make sure the box you use does not have 'true bypass'. 

I would suggest that anyone having this problem contact the Line 6 Technical Support center (link up at the top right of these pages) and let them know so that the next generation Spiders can get this resolved.

Re: Spider IV 150 with EMG 81/85 Issues
by HairBear on 2012-11-24 10:21:33.2810

Fixed! Why this affects the spider amp only is beyond me, but, the problem for me was the 3-way toggle switch. The contacts are just worn or dirty enough to cause a slight change in impedance, causing the weird problems as described above.

Re: Spider IV 150 with EMG 81/85 Issues
by larryriv on 2013-01-31 08:05:59.8980

On my Spyder IV 150 combo, there are two connections for 8 ohm speakers.  Can anyone tell me how many watts the should be, or a range of wattage, speaker size, whatever.

Re: Spider IV 150 with EMG 81/85 Issues
by PanosACDC on 2013-02-18 11:26:48.4440

As the stock speakers on the spider iv 150 are 75watt each, i think that you should look for 75watt speakers!

Hope that helps!

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