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Removing User Tones?
by cropmusik on 2012-01-30 11:13:53.8160

When I modify an existing user tone I end up with the original and the new tone- saved as different names per the requirement of the app (probably a good thing so you don't erase the original). I cannot delete the old one--- I go to Edit and see the red minus sign and choose Delete and then Done. However, when I go back into the app the deleted tone is back in the User Tone Bank!

Any advice?


Re: Removing User Tones?
by darealagentp on 2012-02-01 14:39:37.9510

I just tried to reproduce your inquiry; first off I was using an iPad 2 with Mobile POD Version 1.0.6 (411) running.

I wasn't able to get your scenario duplicated, so I'd like to ask some clarifying questions:

1. You're tapping "Save", then "Save As"? This will prompt you to name the sound.

2. You can only delete a non-active tone file. So, from the User Tones list, only a "minus" will appear for any non-active tone file for deletion option.

3. You're completely exiting the app?

When I deleted a patch, it was gone from the User Tones list, whether I quit the app or not.

Maybe you could let me know a step-by-step recipe of what you were doing so I can re-try? Thanks.

Re: Removing User Tones?
by cropmusik on 2012-02-03 15:50:11.4160

Thanks for getting back to me. It all works great as you outlined---- until I exit the app and go back in.

All the deleted user tones are back - thet re-appear! I even turned the ipad off and back on, assured the app was closed etc.

Re: Removing User Tones?
by Line6Don on 2012-02-13 10:53:02.5010

I just re-tested this using the steps that Perry outlined above, and when I reopen the Mobile POD app, the tone user tone file remains deleted.

What version of iOS device are you running? What version of the iOS are you running? What version of Mobile POD are you using?

Please give us the steps that you take to encounter this problem.


Re: Removing User Tones?
by cropmusik on 2012-02-13 16:45:18.5730

It started when I was unable to save a factory/style/band tone with edits to added pedals, etc. So I am adding a number to either the front or back of the preset patch name and saving the deited patch to the User Tones section. I am then following all directions to kill the original tone but it will NOT delete them permanently.



I altered the volume and saved to User Tones with new tone name "Hairspray1".

No matter what I do I cannot delete the original Hairspray tone. It DOES delete the tone in the User Tone bank----------until I exit and restart the app--- and the Hairspray tone is back in User Tones. Even a tone I have NOT altered and simply want to delete from User Tones ("acoustic guitar") gets deleted until I re-start the app. I have a new ipad2 with ios 5.

Frustrating for sure.

Re: Removing User Tones?
by Line6Don on 2012-03-01 16:42:11.5370

You can only delete tones from the User Tones folder. Tones can not be deleted from the factory, style, band, or folders.

I tried again to follow the steps you provided, but am not experiencing what you have reported. These are the steps that I tried:

-Launch Mobile POD.

-Tap the presets area in the top center, select "Hairspray" from the 'All Tones' folder.

-Tap done in the lower right hand corner.

-Turn up the master volume on the amp.

-Tap save in the upper right, select 'save as'.

-Title it 'Hairspray1', tap save.

-Tap the presets area in the top center again to go to the preset view.

-Tap 'User Tones' and than load a different user tone,(you can not delete the current active tone).

-Tap edit in the bottom of the app, this will give you a red minus sign to the left of the preset name, tap it, you then will be given a red 'delete' button, tap delete to delete 'Hairspray1'

-Tap home button to exti the app.

-Double tap your home button, than tap and hold on the mobile pod app that should be displayed at the lower left hand corner of your screen, you will be given a red minus sign on the app, tap it to close tha app.

-Reopen Mobile POD, tap presets, look in 'User Tones' and 'Hairspray1' is gone.

Try it using the steps I provided to you above and see if it lets you delete the tone.

Re: Removing User Tones?
by cropmusik on 2012-03-05 18:29:23.3950

Thanks for your continued work on this. So the issue arises when you 1st save the preset to User Tones. If you save Hairspray to User Tones and then edit it and save the edit as Hairspray1 it will not let you remove the original Hairspray.


Re: Removing User Tones?
by Line6Don on 2012-03-08 15:10:47.8950

-I started off by deleting all user tones.

-Loaded up 'Hairspray' and saved it to the user tone folder.

-Adjusted the master tone controls on amp and resaved as 'Hairspray1' to user folder.

-Tap the presets bar, than tap edit at the bottom of the screen.

-You than will be given a red minus sign next to the original 'Hairspray' that you can tap to delete the tone.

-Close the app, and restart it, and 'Hairspray1' is the only tone left in the user tones folder.

Re: Removing User Tones?
by cropmusik on 2012-03-11 08:32:09.9020

I've tried everything- I've spent hours trying to figure this out. I could delete the entire User tone bank and follow all your directions and the tones would still show up afterward.That's after touching DELETE, clsing the app, double touching the home button, closing out Mobile Pod and even shutting down and restarting the iPad2.  I'm at a loss and I consider it a bug until your next update. I can't believe I'm the only one experiencing this.

Re: Removing User Tones?
by cropmusik on 2012-03-11 10:14:15.3660

Found a work-around--------- use the Set List feature. It works as it should--- but user created tones are not always shown alphabetically when you go to Add a Tone. Also I needed to save ones I had already created again in order to find them in the list of available tones to add. Mobile POD still seems buggy. However I can finally save desired tones and delete as needed.


Re: Removing User Tones?
by Line6Don on 2012-03-20 13:34:40.8520

Thanks for posting your work around for this issue. I have notified the software team of this issue, and they are currently investigating it.

I will report back if there are any new updates or suggestions.

Re: Removing User Tones?
by cropmusik on 2012-03-20 16:23:15.8220

Thank you- I continue to practice and gig with Mobile Pod/Mobile In and it sounds great, is very convenient and now I can create setlists according to the group I am playing with.

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