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m9 in true bypass mode doesnt kill delay trails
by tigervomitt on 2012-01-30 19:48:20.6300


i just bought an M9 (came with firmware 2.04).

ive had an M5 for about a week (i love it except for changing patches, which i am finding extremely awkward to do with the side of my foot!) and was curious what the M9 might do better. having mixed results so far. here's one detail id like to clear up if possible.

here's what im trying to do (as an example):

let's say my scene is set up, in part, like this:

fx1a: chorus, fx2a: delay with infinite repeats, fx3a: compressor

the problem comes when it's time to turn off the infinitely repeating echo in fx2. if any of the other effects are on, the repeats keep going after ive bypassed the delay. i want it to just STOP when i bypass the effect.

right now the only way i can accomplish this is by turning on fx2b with a double tap instead of bypassing fx2a. that kills the trails immediately but sounds a little awkward because whatever effect is in fx2b turns on for a second. and if fx2b has some kind of infinite repeat thing going on, this doesnt work very well at all.

can anyone help with this issue?

Re: m9 in true bypass mode doesnt kill delay trails
by Line6Hugo on 2012-05-24 16:59:52.0700

This is happening because the M9 does not go into true bypass until all of the effects have been disabled on the M9.  There is no way to get out of the DSP bypass untill all effects have been disabled, which is when it will go into true bypass.  The scenario you describe is working normally if you set infinite repeats and have other effects still engaged.

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