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pin out for a mic on a 3.5 conn to xdt1
by billchk on 2012-01-31 21:03:08.5790

been trying to use a dpa 4061 on xdt1 by using a dpa 6034 microdot to 3.5 adapter----dpa says it works-------no go----------the adapter is tip + hot------ring and shiled joined and connected -cold--------------------i come out of the x2 receiver with a standard unbalanced cable-------into the line in of the mixer-------so---can i get it to work-----------if yes tell me the pinout to a 3.5---the 4060 mic is two wire------------and possibly--am i connecting the output correctly with the unbalanced cable into the line input ??

Re: pin out for a mic on a 3.5 conn to xdt1
by darealagentp on 2012-02-01 11:29:31.4140

XDT1 Transmitters didn't power any Phantom Power... perhaps that is the root cause of your particular issue? Only the XDT4's (they were a part of the XDR-95 rack-mount systems) had the ability to provide Phantom Power to mics.

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