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Line 6 XD-V70 Appraisal
by erroll1906 on 2012-02-01 11:41:51.4260

Hi I am Erroll from the UK and have just bought my first digital wireless xd-v70 mic.I have read and looked at as many reviews  and videos of this mic as I could.I do quite a lot of mixing vocals for professional and semi professional singers and this mic is astounding in build and quality.I have never been a big fan of radio mics as they don't give you the same quality as wired mics.I regulary use Shure beta 58A,Shure KSM9 and the Heil RC35.All great mics in their own right.

Anyway rigged up my PA in my local club medium sized venue speakers, RCF digital ACTIVE 725 SERIES,Yamaha MG124 CX WITH BUILT IN EFFECTS.I thought i would do some comparsions between the wired and the XD-V70 to see if the digital wireless did everything it said on the tin.When I set up a vocal on a wired mic I have a flat channel then get a singer to sing while I sweep the top middle and bottom eq's till their vocal sounds natural as I can get it,then start adding effects.I did this with the new xd-v70 and to my suprise NO EQ AND EXACTLY THE SAME GAIN AS THE WIRED.So Line 6 are right with my set up it did do everything it said on the tin.Now for the singers as a rule of thumb I have beta 58A set at  top 1 o'clock mid range at 11 o'clock bottom 12 o'clock.I had the singer switching from the wired to the wireless modded setting beta 58A on no eq and I couldn't honestly tell the difference and i'm fussy.There are some nice modded mic's in this system and would love a KSM9 modded on the wireless system.However on the line 6 modded line 6 say this is what they think is the best out of all the other mic heads that are modded put together.And I have to agree,I loved the line 6 head it was the nearest head I could get to sounding like my wired KSM9.

I was considering buying the ksm9 capsule and modifying it to suit,but not worth it for such a marginal difference,as we are all looking for the warm spot on our mic's.

I have read different reviews and different opinions on the different heads,like more gain and the likes,but you have to remember it's all about your rig and what marries with it.Each mixing desk has its own tone,and in my rig and set up it's a definately a good marriage.It works for me.

Hopes this helps if your considering buying one of these excellent mic's



Re: Line 6 XD-V70 Appraisal
by RonMarton on 2012-02-01 13:09:32.7670

G'day from the Antipodes, Erroll...

MY Yamaha's an EMX5016CF powered mixer, the inbuilt amps of which mainly drive "AUX" feeds, (for example monitors, Haas-delayed "repeater" speakers, dressing/green room "cue" speakers etc.) with the "guts" being delivered by the amazing, spine-saving, spine-tingling self-powered HK Audio "Elements" (two "D-Connect" power amps for eight mid-tops, plus two active subs driving a further two passive subs).

For over a month now, the eight-way star-quad Canare multicore I used to lug around has been replaced by Line 6 digital wireless data streaming into two racks of four XD-V70L beltpacks, with D.I. and stage boxes giving way to TA4F to guitar jack adapters, XLF to TA4F adapters and Denecke PS-2 battery phantom supplies.

As if that wasn't flexible enough, I also have the fabulous option of replacing up to four TBP12 beltpacks with four of the Line 6 THH12's that prompted this discussion.

All of the above is just to give some "background" to my heartfelt endorsement of everything you've written.

I wish I'd had the time to grab video of one particular (in every sense of the word) "diva" (name withheld) who insisted that the show could not possibly proceed without her own immaculate SM58 from the box that simply "had to" accompany her.

This was dutifully cabled-up and presented to her with as much straight-faced deference as we could muster. Overblown and rapturous delight followed, so we offered a respectful "why not spend a moment just trying this...", being Line 6's THH12 SM58 cordless "clone".

The cable was duly put away for the duration of the show, as was her "essential" SM58, which went back into its box and returned to the trusted hands of the poor chap who has the misfortune to be both her husband and her "manager".

I guess this is by way of being one of the longest "me too" notes ever.

Cheers, from


Re: Line 6 XD-V70 Appraisal
by erroll1906 on 2012-02-02 08:13:55.1770

Hi Ron Nice big rig you got there mate,must be a joy to sing through.Love those speakers HK Audio Elements deliver a nice punchy sound and a great definition of tone,which is the the first thing I look for in a speaker.Your right about certain singers whom ,wont be prised away from their mic's,would of liked to seen her face when she sang through the "clone"

.I run a "open mic night" over here for up and coming new singers whom some bring their own mic's,which I rig up.But I also get them to try the "clone" mic to see what they think,before they set out to buy their first wireless mic.We are losing quite a lot of frequency ranges over here for the radio mic's which spells trouble as one frequency range has been left with 2 Ghz,so anyone within range will be all channeld through that.

Over here if you have a radio mic it's £135 for a two year licence if it's not a licence free channel,which there won't be by July this year as it's being sold off,to tv networks.

So taking all that into account,it's a no brainer as Line 6 has now solved the solution and came up with a product that works

Cheers from a chilly North East England


Re: Line 6 XD-V70 Appraisal
by laplayantonio on 2012-02-06 01:48:03.7210


We're glad that you're enjoying your Line 6 product and that it's working well for you. We work hard to create awesome products and provide top-notch support for them, so we really appreciate the pat on the back. Hey, who doesn't like the occasional 'attaboy'?  Feel free to contact us with any issue that you might have in the future.


The crew at Line 6

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