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Guitar picking up noise from my pod hd500?
by Alsklaftsk123 on 2012-02-01 12:59:01.2620

So if i my guitar is a meter/half meter close to the screen of my pod hd500, i get this horrible uneven high pitch buzzing noise, however, if i move away from the pod a little i hear no high pitch hum (this happens both at clean and crunch, and i use a noise gate). I have 2 electric guitars and its the same issue, if the pickups are pointing against the pod, the noise gets louder, but if i move away a little, the noise stops. This is very annoying if im sitting in a little place. It seems that the noise comes easyer if i use headphones. If i play trough my amp, i need to have the guitar at least 10 inches near to hear the noise. So basicly, the pickups of my guitars is picking up signal/ whatever from the pod, and i hear this trough my headphones, is it problem with the pod or guitars or what?

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