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Monkey doesn't support Vetta!!
by Hugh_Jarrse on 2012-02-02 12:55:41.0860

Hi there, Does anyone know which version of monkey will let me update my vetta amp to version 2? it's taken me 4yrs to get a VDI kit and I assumed that was the hard bit, the monkey says it supports Vetta but Vetta isn't an option on set up, I'm not bright at the best of times but this really has me confused. Cheers Hugh

Re: Monkey doesn't support Vetta!!
by TheRealZap on 2012-02-02 13:17:06.4210

the latest version of monkey should support it.

what midi interface are you using? (you really should use an m-audio uno or better interface)

make sure you get real drivers for it and don't use the windows/mac builtin drivers.

Re: Monkey doesn't support Vetta!!
by MerlinFL on 2012-02-02 13:49:22.5320

Starting with the Vetta powered OFF!!

  1. First thing you need (if not done already) is to download the current version (Many versions will work, but finding the latest version is easiest on the Line 6 download page.)of Line 6 Monkey onto your computer with at least one USB 2.0 port.  If Monkey offers you the option to load any supporting software like Java Runtime, etc., selecting it to do this probably would be the best option if this is your first time with all this software.
  2. Then you need to buy (if not already done)an M-Audio MIDISPORT UNO USB to MIDI interface cable.  Other brands MIGHT work, but this one WILL WORK PERFECTLY every time.
  3. Connect the Vetta's MIDI in/out ports to the proper connector as marked very clearly on the MIDISPORT cable.  This cable says which goes to the In and which goes to the out.  I mention this because usually it's in to out and vice versa.  NOT in the case of this cable.  IN = IN etc.
  4. Plug the USB end into your computer.(Things start to differ here depending on if you have a MAC or a WINDOWS computer.  And which operating system your computer is running also has a few possible quirks)
  5. If Windows XP or higher, you will see your computer recognize the MIDISPORT USB cable.  It will then begin to load the drivers.  If this is working correctly so far, you will see a message that says to STOP INSTALLATION or CONTINUE ANYWAY.  Select the Continue Anyway and let the driver finish installing.  Then it will show that it has installed the M-Audio MIDISPORT by name and that it is now plugged in ready to work.
  6. Launch the Line 6 Monkey program and it will search for any devices connected.  I suggest doing this with the amp off for this first attempt in case it finds things it shouldn't.  It will ask after nothing being found for your manual selection.  AT this point, turn ON the Vetta amp with your VDI card installed correctly.
  7. Run another SEARCH for hardware from Monkey.  It SHOULD see the MIDISPORT USB to MIDI connection and "see" the Vetta.  If not then go to the connect using MIDI cable option manually and see if it shows there.  If you still get nothing, then something might be wrong with your connection - plugged in backwards perhaps?  Or hopefully not, it might be something with your Vetta itself.
  8. Continuing on...Presuming Monkey sees the Vetta connected.  It then will show you all bits that are out of date and need to be updated.  Click on the first item and let the software direct you from that point.  You may have to restart your computer a time or two, you will also have to disconnect the USB cable at certain times once it finds the Vetta and then wants to install the appropriate software.
  9. If you do not have the EDIT software, I strongly suggest you let Monkey install that for you as well until all check boxes related to your Vetta are GREEN which means you are fully up to date with all software for the Vetta with the VDI card installed.

I hope this step by step description helps you get your Vetta up to date and working properly.

Take care,


Re: Monkey doesn't support Vetta!!
by TheRealZap on 2012-02-02 14:29:34.2040

just to add to the good stuff here.... after windows finds the generic windows driver... you'll want to go to the m-audio site and download and install their correct and updated driver... the windows driver can cause issues.

Re: Monkey doesn't support Vetta!!
by DickFoster on 2012-02-02 15:43:34.1160

I don't have the answer but I do have a question that is in the same ballpark. Sorry if it offends but it just seems more efficent to ask it in a closely related thread. 

I just bought a Vetta I and I intend to upgrade the firmware to Vetta II but without the VDI as sadly, this does not seem to be available. That is unless I just happen to stumble upon one someday.

I do understand that several improvements were made in version 2.5 of the firmware.

I have an M-Audio Uno cable on the way and I have downloaded M-Audio's latest driver for Win XP SP3.

I will first install the driver then connect the cable as instructed.

I have also download the latest Edit and Monkey versions along with the Vetta II 2.5 update patch.


My specific question is this. Is it best to accomplish the upgrade (from version 1.05, 2001) using Line6 Edit and the version 2.5 patch or let Monkey do it by apparently going though all the in between updates? Unless there are other improvements not addressed in the Vetta II version 2.6 patch, it would seem to be more expedient to use Edit and there would seem to be less opportunity for things to go awry as with the Monkey approach and going though all the in between updates to reach the same end.

I assume no more upgrades will be forthcoming for Vetta as Line6 seems to have a somewhat backward, to me anyway, view of what product support should be. Therefore it would seem that this will be the only upgrade I will be performing for this unit. That's OK though, I'll learn to live with it. Thus far, I do happen to like the amp very much as it scratches me where I itch.  

And now for my gripes along with some words of wisdom and experience gained the hard way. Take them for what they are worth or simply leave them as you please.

Under the heading of For What It's Worth to the sales and marketing folks at Line6, because this probably affects them most. 

While they may appear very attractive to me, at this point I would have to think very long and hard before I purchased a new Varix or anything else Line6 has to offer at this point.

While the engineering, build quality and attention to detail seems to be excellent or even superb with the Line6 products I've seen, Line6's (management's) view and attitudes toward product support seems a bit backward to me. In the long haul and in my experence, it appears to be a penny wise and pound foolish approach.

As a somewhat simplistic example I will cite a 1957 Chevy. While that car has been out of production for decades now you can still purchase brand new crate engines for it that will bolt right in and most of them are even made by GM. While they may not be the very same engines they do have better and newer ones that will work but only as the new engines are, a bit better. Same thing goes for transmissions, brakes or almost anything else on the car with the exception of the cosmetic parts perhaps. Even many of those are available though the automotive aftermarket. 

Before anyone goes there, I've spent my entire life in the electronics industry and have played almost every role there is in it so I know the real story about parts availability etc. And I am speaking from the belly of the beast as it were, Silicon Valley itself. There is simply is no valid reason, not to me anyway, that Line6 cannot make a VDI card from today's parts that would be plug compatible and would work just as well if not better. What I'm saying is that Line6 could do it if they really wanted to. Speaking as an engineer, it does not seem to be what I'd classify as a huge engineering effort or a difficult undertaking. Perhaps a PIC micro with a smattering of other parts. What is there to it other than a bit of data handling and communication along with a few handshakes maybe?

Nor are there any truly valid reasons not to supply service data to customers for discontinued (apparently no longer supported) products. After touring my local "Line6 Factory Authorized Service Center" staffed by what appeared to me to be 'tube jockeys" I find that I have more and superior electronic test gear right here in this very room than what I saw there, while I left my tube caddy behind many, many years ago.

The following is just some food for thought and a few concepts to pass along to the folks in sales, marketing and management that I've picked up over the years.

The best customers are repeat customers but only happy customers are ever repeat customers.

It takes ten times the effort and expense to recapture a lost customer than it did to gain that customer in the first place but it takes a tenth the effort to make a repeat sale to a satisfied customer than it does to gain a new customer. Therefore the best bang for the marketing buck is to first keep the customers you have happy.

However large a market may appear, they are all finite and after you have exhausted one you will find that it was indeed much smaller than you ever thought it was.

Word travels faster and faster as time moves on but bad news travels the fastest of all.

You can burn a customer but in the end you only burn yourself because the customer always has your completion to fall back on.

Line 6 should ask themselves that if they themselves purchased a car would they be satisfied if that car maker treated them in the same manner? Would you buy your next car from that car maker if they did? My guess is, probably not.

I'm hoping to hear from the Line6 experts and or Line6 folks on the update question above.

Re: Monkey doesn't support Vetta!!
by MerlinFL on 2012-02-02 16:34:01.1770

TheRealZap wrote:

the latest version of monkey should support it.

what midi interface are you using? (you really should use an m-audio uno or better interface)

make sure you get real drivers for it and don't use the windows/mac builtin drivers.

Good point Zap, and I'm sorry that I missed that in my explanation.  I hope it did not cause any more problems in trying to resolve the problem posted.

Take care,


Re: Monkey doesn't support Vetta!!
by laplayantonio on 2012-02-08 04:17:09.8890


make sure to select 'Connect Using MIDI Cables' when launching Monkey

then select your Midi interface in the Midi In and Out fields, under Line6 Device select Vetta Combo or Vetta Head : PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE RIGHT ONE, installing the wrong Firmware would make your Vetta stop working!!


RE: Monkey doesn't support Vetta!!
by laplayantonio on 2012-02-13 04:46:59.4340

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Re: RE: Monkey doesn't support Vetta!!
by jvblack on 2012-02-19 08:17:01.3600

Switching computers, and sure enough, Vetta is not in the drop-down list of devices in Monkey.  What a pain in the ass.  Would it have been THAT hard to leave it there????


Interesting:  My three-letter word for the part of the body that one sits on was automatically converted to "***" ...

The guys at Line6 might have used their time more wisely by spending a little more time thinking about the Vetta, and a little less time programing automatic word substitutions on the forum.

Just my opinion,


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