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My POD X3 Pro has no audio!
by TheTomadon on 2012-02-04 15:50:38.1010

I've had my POD for a few months (maybe since november) and it's not putting out any sound, but still reads my signal. Yesterday morning it started disconnecting then connecting every once in a while, but then it stopped around mid day, so I thought it was just my PC being testy with me. Later around late eveningish, I was creating a guitar patch then everything went south. My PC wasn't recognizing the POD anymore, nor was it putting out any audio. I restarted both the POD and my PC(just incase) and it was still silent, but it was reading the signal just fine... This is still going on, and its stressing me out! Help!

Re: My POD X3 Pro has no audio!
by TheTomadon on 2012-02-05 11:06:04.0070

I went on the forums after I posted this, and found similar posts to mine with instructions on how to fix it. I followed what they said to do, and still no audio! Ahhhh!

Re: My POD X3 Pro has no audio!
by darealagentp on 2012-02-13 11:52:24.3030

Just to double-check first: you've tested all the outputs... i.e. the X3 Live's (1) Phones, (2) Unbalanced 1/4" Outs (both of them) and (3) the Balanced XLR Outs and even the (4) FX Send Out?

Ultimately you'll need to consider having a repair tech look at your unit, because it sounds like an internal hardware issue:

Re: My POD X3 Pro has no audio!
by TheTomadon on 2012-02-18 11:30:47.9200

Yeah,. I checked all outputs. There wasn't any sound coming out of anything but the tuner, and that sounded terrible. I took it to the shop after not hearing back, they said a parameter somewhere was set to make the pod mute... I really dont know how that happened. Everything works now, so I feel kind of dumb lol but I'm happy.

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