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DT25 MIDI Control
by drjaykay on 2012-02-06 03:36:00.1490


I try to control the DT25 HD via Midi with my POD HD500.

Yes, I know that I can use the Line6 Link (and I do so), but I will prepare the amp for using other Midi Controllers also.

So I have the MIDI Cable connected and prepared the POD as described in the MIDI Implementation Guide.

Switching now the amp's settings seems to be working at first view, at least the indicators and lights show that all switching is ok.

But: No sound is changing!

The amp lights are all switching fine, from Class A to A/B, from Pentode to Triode, from Mode I to Mode II and so forth.

But it keeps the same sound all the way. No matter if I use channel a A or B.

Toggling the switches by hand is working, also when I use Line6 Link.

That's very strange.

Can anyone lead me to the right direction please?

Thank you

Best regards


Re: DT25 MIDI Control
by Gerardo_Medrano on 2012-04-08 06:23:55.5510


Something similar happens to me!

Please, check my post

I have the same problem, but actually class and triode/pentode seem to change OK. What does not sound different is the voicings.

Have you found the reason?



Re: DT25 MIDI Control
by daniderock on 2012-07-15 06:58:17.9700


I noticed the same problem here.

It changes the ligths, but the sound doesnt seems to change!!

Some clue about this problem?

I am using the GSC-3 controller, and I am pretty sure that use the CC's number and values correctly.

If someone have some news please post here, if I find a solution I will do the same way.


Cheers from Brasil.

Re: DT25 MIDI Control
by drjaykay on 2012-07-16 11:32:15.1870

Hi Dani,

have you the amp in Low Volume mode?

In this case the poweramp mode switching is not possible obviously.



Re: DT25 MIDI Control
by daniderock on 2012-07-20 13:01:53.3610

Hi Juergen,

Nope, I am in the normal volume mode.

I've opened a ticket for support on the Line6 webpage and received an answer that I think is good to everyone here to know.

Follows below:

" Hello,

Currently, these MIDI CC's are toggling the Negative Feedback Loop Topology in the amp, but not the full voicing as described in the manual.

The manual is incorrect in saying that these MIDI CC's will change the voicing at the moment.

We are currently looking into this to see if this behavior can be changed in an update or if we would need to revise the manual to contain a correct description of what those MIDI CC's should do.


Line6Hugo "


I think good part of discussions among the users about the quality of the sound of the POD HD versus the DT25/50 is all about this issue too,

because what I could understand (correct me if I am wrong please), is that neither the POD HD can really change the VOICES, it only changes the LIGHTS of the panel.

For now I am trying to organize some presets on the GSC-3 accordingly to my needs. For example: use just 2 Voices at a time, setting it manually on the amp on channel A and B, and than on the GSC-3 control the other parameters.

I manage to control everything apparently, except for the Voices.

It is really a shame can not use all the possibilities of this wonderful gear. Hope in the near future it can do what it promise it would be.

Best regards,


Re: DT25 MIDI Control
by innovine on 2013-03-01 23:48:27.4070

has a fix for this been reeased yet? 7 months should be long enough to fix a bug

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.