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Pod X3 Live Recording Help!
by andrew0203 on 2012-02-07 09:54:17.9100

Ok, so its not really bad but I just can't be happy with it. When viewing killrbuckeye and musicman1066 on youtube I notice how good there recording sounds yet mine is less than desirable.

At first I thought it was my playing but really whatever I play within reason should sound good quality through the pod right??

Well heres my bands video, which has been recorded through the pod sound wise, I use a sound card in my computer to plug line in or sometimes I use USB for the pods driver on audacity. I'm no wizz on editing or mixing the tracks but I just need some help to figure out what I can do to make my tone/recordings better.

I just need to know if changing software to reaper instead of audacity will help, what can I do to improve the sound quality of my recordings and what can I do to help me mix my recordings even though I'm a newbie.

Thanks! Im only 15 so don't confuse me too much haha

Re: Pod X3 Live Recording Help!
by silverhead on 2012-02-08 12:55:38.7010

With your current equipment and setup (at least what you mention) I would recommend that you use your Pod X3 as the soundcard while recording - do not plug line in to your computer soundcard.

With the X3 connected to your computer via USB, make sure Audactiy is configured to use the X3 and its ASIO driver as the audio input/output device. Audacity has a terrible habit of defaulting to a pseudo-ASIO driver called Asio4All. Avoid it. It has been known to cause many problems with Line 6 devices because it is not a true ASIO driver. If you are/have been using Asio4All I think that might be the cause of your poor soiund quality (well, that and using your computer soundcard).

So... try another recording in Audacity making sure you are using the X3 and its ASIO driver. As long as you're doing that I don't think using Reaper will have a great impact on the sound quality. It has a great many more features, but that mostly has to do with how you can manipulate the recordings, and how many simultaneous tracks you can record. The quality of your recording is determined more by the hardware you use - in this case the X3 - than by the software.

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