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Bluescreens after Reboot
by AKruithof on 2012-02-08 07:16:14.0650


Just Yesterday i got my UX2 and i installed Podfarm right away.
Went to work with it for about an hour and i was all fine and good.

This morning i boot up my PC, start Podfarm (Version 2 still) and i get a Bluescreen.

This happens over and over again various times as i deperatly look for a way to fix it, the same happend right after i installed and Booted Riffwork T4.

In the end i thought i had fixed it buy Deinstalling the entire UX2 device and Podfarm and Riffworks and started by Reinstalling Podfarm, then plugging the UX2 in and so on.

Now i had an error in Riffworks and pulled out the USB from my UX2 and i bluescreens again saying the device Driver disconnected before terminating the current session or something like that and now when i try to Boot Podfarm or Riffworks it bluescreens again same af before.

Please help me out, im really Bummed out about this because i was really looking forward to try to Record some songs with this device and it would be a Damn waste of 160 Euro's

Thanks in Advance,


Re: Bluescreens after Reboot
by Line6Don on 2012-02-22 10:48:05.3350

I would suggest that you use the Line 6 Uninstaller located at the location below to remove your currently installed Line 6 drivers:

Windows 7/Vista  -  C:\Program Files(x86)\Line6\Tools -  Line6Uninstaller

Windows XP -  C:\Program Files\Line6\Tools -  Line6Uninstaller

Make sure to disconnect any of your Line 6 USB devices prior to starting the uninstaller. Make sure to only check the boxes at the bottom of the list that are related to the Line 6 drivers, and proceed to uninstall them. Once they are removed, restart the computer. Upon restart download the latest Line 6 Window Drivers from the link below:

Windows Drivers

Make sure not to connect your Line 6 USB device until prompted to so at the end of the installation process. After connecting it, make sure and look towards the Windows system clock for a notification that Windows has detected your device and has successfully installed the drivers before moving forward. If you do not receive this notification message, make sure to try reconnecting the Line 6 hardware to each available USB port until you have exhausted all available USB ports.

Once Windows has detected your device, close all open applications and launch the Line 6 License Manager application. Log into your Line 6 user account, next select your computer on the left hand of the program, de-authorize it and re-authorize it. Next select your Line 6 USB device from the left hand side of program and de-authorize it, you should be given the option to "REMOVE" your licenses from the device, proceed to do so. After that finishes, re-authorize your device and you will be given the option to "INSTALL", proceed to install your software licenses back into your hardware.

BSOD can happen when the Ux2 is disconnected from the computer while it is still in use with an audio application or assigned ans the system sound card. It has also been found that AMD based computers with 'USB filters' can cause the computer to BSOD with USB devices connected. Instructions to remove this USB filter are available below:

  • Go to the "Start Menu" on the bottom left of your computer's screen.
  • Locate and click on "Control Panel"
  • Find the "Add Or Remove Programs" icon and double-click it.
  • Here you'll see a whole list of programs & applications that are installed on your computer. Find and select the AMD USB Filter Driver and click "Uninstall". 
  • Confirm that you want to uninstall AMD USB Filter Driver by clicking on "Remove".

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.