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Volume settings for DT25 + HD500?
by rsto10 on 2012-02-08 18:14:54.8720

What in your opinion gives you the best tone regarding volume settings on the DT25 (In full power mode using L6 Link) and HD500?  When you create a patch, do you set your DT25 at the desired master volume level and then adjust the HD500 patch level to a suitable level OR do you max out the patch volume and use the DT master volume to control the level?  Does it matter?  When trying to level out my patches, should I pick a relatively high volume patch, leave the DT at a particular level and just use the patch volume to adjust?  What gives you the best tube tone in a volume suitable for rehearsing/playing small gigs with a drummer? 

That all being said, here's what I did - tell me if I'm on the right track:  I plugged my guitar straight into the DT without hooking up the HD500.  I used the suggested settings on the card that came on top of the amp and dialed in the British (II) sound using the same channel volume and master volume (2 o'clock) as shown.  This seems to be a pretty good level as a starting point for where I want to be.  Then, I created a patch on the HD500 using the Park amp model and all the same settings as on the card - with the exception of the patch volume.  I then A/B'd the patch with the direct amp sound and used the patch volume to approximate the same volume.  By switching on and off the amp block, I was able to A/B pretty easy and it appeared to be the same volume as when I went direct to the DT.  Once I had it dialed in with a few small tweaks, it was a dead on match to my ears.

Is this similar to what you all are doing?  Do you find 2 o'clock a good place for the DT25 master volume as far as tube tone goes?  Any input from all of you is greatly appreciated!

Re: Volume settings for DT25 + HD500?
by gregr on 2012-02-08 19:06:49.4050

As I said elsewhere, it really doesn't matter where the controls are set relative to one another, within reason.">">

It's usually best to put them both mid-way, or whatever keeps your primary control of choice from being too touchy.

Of course, it is best to adjust your tone at the intended playing volume with the band (if that's how you'll be playing).  You might find that your settings are quite a bit different from playing by yourself, especially at lower volumes.

Re: Volume settings for DT25 + HD500?
by rsto10 on 2012-02-09 21:48:23.9830

Thanks!  I experimented a bit more today and using what you said, it was a great starting point for me to start customizing it to my volume needs.  I think I finally settled on setting my amp to around 2 or 3 o'clock in full power mode and then setting my patches to anywhere between 25-30%.  I haven't played with a drummer yet, so we'll see if I have to adjust from there.  Thanks again!

Re: Volume settings for DT25 + HD500?
by Lawless33 on 2012-05-21 18:29:13.4170

I have the HD500 and DT25 combo.  I play at church with the amp fairly close to me, angled up on a stand.  I run my DT25's Master Volum between 2-3 o'clock and set my patches volume with either the HD's volume control or straight from the DT25.  Once I get that dialed in with the full band playing, I save the patch so that I can always cut back on the DT25's Master Volume or raise it a little if needed.


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